Florida Building Commission Approved Energy Code Compliance Software

Energy Simulation Tool Approval Technical Assistance Manual    

Reporting format for residential software verification tests:


Florida_AutoGen_results-form.xls- Corrected


Reporting Format for Performance-Based Code Compliance Forms:

    Residential Buildings      

Air Barrier Checklist
Duct test form
Envelope leakage form
EPL Card
EPL Card for additions
Form 405-2010
Form 405-2010 for additions


    Commercial Buildings &
    High-Rise Residential Buildings

Form 506-2010
Form 502-2010 for Renovations
Form 502-2010 for Shell Buildings


Commission Approved Code Compliance Software, 2010 FBC-Energy Conservation:

Compliance by Performance Method
Residential Buildings (3 stories or less): Section 405, Simulated Performance


Software name Vendor Date Approved  
EnergyGauge USA 3.0                    Florida Solar Energy Center 3-12-2012
  Access:  www.energygauge.com

Commercial and high-rise residential buildings: Sectuin 506, Total Building Performance

Software name Vendor Date Approved  
EnergyGauge Summit 4.00 Florida Solar Energy Center  1-31-2012
  Access:  www.energygauge.com




  Compliance by Prescriptive Method

Residential Building Compliance by Section 402.1.1.3, Total UA Alternative

Software name Vendor Date Approved  
REScheck 4.4.3, Florida US Department of Energy 4-3-2012
Access:  www.energycodes.gov/rescheck


Software name Vendor Date Approved  
EnergyGauge USA 3.0 Florida Solar Energy Center 6-12-2012
  Access:  www.energygauge.com