Florida Building Commission

Fenestration water resistance workgroup

February 18, 2019

Hyatt regency Jacksonville riverfront

225 east coastline drive—Jacksonville, Florida  32202

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You Will Be Connected To Audio Using Your Computer’s Microphone and Speakers (VOIP) For Viewing and Listening Purposes Only—Meeting ID 339-205-181


Meeting Objectives

Ø To Approve Regular Procedural Topics (Agenda, Minutes, and Procedural Guidelines)

Ø To Receive Briefing on Project Background Information/Presentations

Ø General Discussion

ü To Identify Needed Next Steps: Information, Assignments, and Agenda Items for Next Meeting



Meeting Agenda—Monday, February 18, 2019

All Agenda Times—Including Adjournment—Are Approximate and Subject to Change

 11:00 AM


Welcome, Introductions and Roll Call



Agenda Review and Approval



Review of Commission’s Workgroup Meeting Guidelines, Consensus-Building and Decision-Making Process, and Sunshine Requirements



Project Background Information/presentations

·      Research project as approved by the Commission

·      Related code and standards
-2017 FBC

·      Presentations:

-          Project Background (Daniel Lavrich) Presentation

-          Fenestration Industry Perspective

-          UF – Research Project “Study of Water Resistance Performance of Exterior Envelop Relating to Fenestration During Minimal High Winds” – Scope of Work and Status (David Prevatt)

-          HVHZ Code Requirements for Fenestration and Review of TAS 202 (Jamie Gascon)

-          Work Plan

-          Research Project as Approved by the Commission (Daniel Lavrich)



General Discussion



General Public Comment



Next Steps: Agenda Items, Needed Information, Assignments, Date and Location





Meeting Dates and Locations—2019


February 18, 2019





Workgroup Membership



1.     Joe Belcher

Home Builders, FHBA, Fire TAC

2.     Warner Chang

Insurance Industry, IBHS, Structural TAC

3.     David Compton

Engineers, Bracken Engineering, Structural TAC, Commissioner

4.     Jamie Gascon

Local Gov., Miami-Date Regulatory & Economic Resources, Structural TAC

5.     Jeff Gross

Building Owners, BOMA, Accessibility TAC, Commissioner

6.     Mike Guerasio

Building Official, Broward County BORA, Administrative TAC

7.     Gary Hartman

Testing Labs, Intertek Building and Construction

8.     John Holt

Fenestration Distributors, Solar-Tite Windows and Doors

9.     Daniel Lavrich

Engineers, Lavrich and Associates, Structural TAC

10. Adam Locke

High Rise Building Design, SEA Engineers

11.   Anthony Miller

Manufactures, PGT

12.  Craig Parrino

Engineer, Cast-Crete Corporation, Structural TAC

13.  Jason Seals

Manufacturers, AAMA

14.  Jim Schock

Building Officials, St. Augustine Building Services Division, Chairman Structural TAC, Commissioner

15.               Steven Strawn

Manufacturers, JELD_WEN, Inc., Structural TAC

DBPR Staff

Tom Campbell

Executive Director

Chris Howell

Administrative Staff

Mo Madani

Technical Manager

Justin Vogel

FBC Legal Counsel


Jeff Blair

FCRC Consensus Center at Florida State University


Workgroup Scope and Purpose

The scope of work and purpose of the Fenestration Water Resistance Workgroup is to evaluate the Florida Building Code “the Code” requirements relating to design and testing of exterior envelop and fenestration and to determine (1) Whether the Code requirements should be modified to provide better resistance to water intrusion during high wind events, and/or (2) Whether installation/maintenance of fenestration as well as the installation of building envelop in general is suspect and should be better defined and more effectively monitored.  In addition, the WG is to formulate a proposed code change language/recommendation for addressing water leakage due to wind-driven rain.