Florida Building Commission

April 3, 2012

Hilton University of Florida

1714 S.W. 34th Street, Gainesville, FL 32607—352.371.3600



Commission Meeting Objectives

Ø  To Consider Regular Procedural Issues: Agenda Approval and Approval of the January 31, 2012 Minutes and Facilitator’s Summary Report, and the February 27, 2012 and March 12, 2012 Teleconference Summary Reports.

Ø  To Consider/Decide on Chair's Discussion Issues/Recommendations.

Ø  To Review and Update the Commission’s Workplan.

Ø  To Consider/Decide on Accessibility Waiver Applications.

Ø  To Consider/Decide on Approvals and Revocations of Products and Product Approval Entities.

Ø  To Consider Applications for Accreditor and Course Approval.

Ø  To Consider/Decide on Legal Issues: Binding Interpretations and Petitions for Declaratory Statements.

Ø  To Consider Legal and/or Legislative Issues.

Ø  To Consider/Decide on Committees Report/Recommendations: Building Code System Assessment Ad Hoc, Energy TAC, Plumbing TAC, Roofing TAC and Special Occupancy TAC.

Ø  To Consider/Decide on POCs: Education and Product Approval Program Oversight Committee (POCs) Reports/Recommendations.

Ø  To Review and Approve Energy Code Compliance Software (If Any).

Ø  To Receive Public Comment.

Ø  To Discuss Commissioner Comments and Issues.

Ø To Review Committee Assignments and Issues for the Next Meeting—June 11-12, 2012 in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Committee Meeting Objectives

Ø  To Consider/Recommend Declaratory Statements and Computer Program Approval

Ø  To Consider/Recommend Action on Approval of Products and Entities and Revocations

Ø  To Consider/Recommend Action on Accreditor and Course Approval

Ø  To Consider Other Business as Noticed



Commission Committees Teleconference Meetings Conducted Prior to the April Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10:00 AM

Roofing TAC


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


1:00 PM

Energy TAC


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


2:00 PM

Accessibility Advisory Council


Thursday, March 22, 2012


10:00 AM

Special Occupancy TAC


2:30 PM

Product Approval POC


Friday, March 23, 2012


10:00 AM

Plumbing TAC   Cancelled


Monday, March 26, 2012


10:00 AM

Education POC


1:00 PM

Energy TAC



Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Commission Plenary Session



Screen Enclosures Workgroup Meeting



Commission Meeting Agenda—Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All Agenda Times—Including Adjournment—Are Approximate and Subject to Change

8:30 AM


Welcome and Convene (Chair’s Roll Call)



Agenda Review and Approval



Review and Approval of January 31, 2012 Minutes and Facilitators Summary

Report and February 27, 2012, and March 12, 2012 Teleconference Summary Reports



Chair’s Discussion Issues and Recommendations:


a.) Welcoming Mr. Jim Richmond New Commission Director

b.) Committee/Workgroup Appointments

c.) Teleconference and Meeting Participation Guidelines Revisions Proposal

d.) Travel Approval for Mo Madani to Attend ICC Code Hearings in Dallas Texas

e.) Approval to Conduct Teleconference Rule Development Workshops for:

      Rule Development Workshop on Rule 9N-3.015, Product Approval Rule

      Rule Development Workshop on R ule 9B-70.002 (3)(a)(e)(f)(g), Education Rule
      Rule Development Workshop on R ule 9N-2.002 Florida Building Code   



Commission Workplan Update



Accessibility Waiver Applications:


1.) The Upside Down Fun House, 11455 N. W. 107th Avenue, Doral

2.)Key Auto Company, 466 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville

3.) CHJ Ventures LLC, 7120 S.W. 47th Street, Miami

4.) Loews, 1601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

5.) Selby Gardens Children’s Rainforest Garden, 811 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota
* Consider modifying agenda to include Allan Waserstein. and remove Loews from consideration.




Applications for Product and Entity Approval



Applications for Accreditor and Course Approval



Consideration of Legal and Legislative Issues:

Binding Interpretations

Product Approval Revocations

Legislative Issues and Updates - DOJ Rule  Guidelines



Petitions for Declaratory Statements:


Second Hearings:




First Hearings: Legal Report

DS 2011-096 by Jeffery Cooper of EPOX-Z Corporation

DS 2011-097 by Jeffery Cooper of EPOX-Z Corporation

DS 2012 – 013 by Ralph Koerber of ATCO Rubber Products, Inc.   (Withdrawn )

DS 2012 – 016 by Kenneth Gregory of Holland/Evolution Pools      (Withdrawn )

DS 2012 – 017 by Andrew Finlayson

DS 2012 – 019 by Lorraine Ross (Amended )

DS 2012 – 020 by Lorraine Ross (Amended )

DS 2012 - 021  by Joe Belcher of JDB Code Services, Inc. (amended ) ( RECA comment )



Committee Reports and Recommendations:


Building Code System Assessment Ad Hoc Committee ( Report )  ( Implementation Update )

Accessibility Advisory Council

Education POC

Energy TAC (March 7 and March 26, 2012) guidelines

Plumbing TAC Cancelled

Product Approval POC

Roofing TAC

Special Occupancy TAC



Consider Approval of Energy Code Compliance Software (If Any)



General Public Comment



Commissioner Comments and Issues



Adjourn Plenary Session




Screen Enclosures Workgroup Meeting


Note: Meetings scheduled to follow the Plenary Session will be scheduled/noticed to begin immediately on conclusion of the Commission Plenary Session. (This will provide flexibility to start the meeting after Plenary Session if the Plenary ends earlier or to start after lunch if Plenary ends later.)


Commission Meeting Schedule 2012




January 30 - 31

St. Pete Beach (Tradewinds: 1.727.367.6461)


April 2 - 3

Gainesville (UF Hilton: 1.352.371.3600)       


June 11 - 12

Daytona Beach (Daytona Hilton Hotel: 1.386.947.8061)      

$ 99

August 6 - 7

Tampa (Embassy Suites, USF: 1.813.977.7066)

$ 93

October 8 - 9

Daytona Beach (Daytona Hilton Hotel: 1.386.947.8061)      

$ 99

December 3 - 4

Gainesville (UF Hilton: 1.352.371.3600)



Accessibility Advisory  Council, Education POC and Product Approval POC Teleconference Meetings Schedule

Accessibility Council

Education POC

Product Approval POC

January 18 (PM)

January 18 (AM)

January 24 (PM)

March 21 (PM)

March 21 (PM)

March 22 (PM)

May 30 (PM)

May 30 (PM)

May 31 (PM)

July 25 (PM)

July 25 (PM)

July 26 (PM)

September 26 (PM)

September 27  (AM)

September 27 (PM)

November 19  (PM)

November 19  (AM)

November 27 (PM)

Note: Meetings to be held Wednesdays and Thursdays two weeks before Commission meetings except where rescheduled for holidays.


Future Commission Meeting Dates




February 4 - 6



April 8 - 10



June 10 - 12



August 12 - 14



October 7 - 9



December 9 - 11






February 3 - 5



March 31 - April 2



June 2 - 4



August 4 - 6



October 6 - 8



December 8 - 10






February 2 - 4



March 30 - April 1



June 1 - 3



August 3 - 5



October 5 - 7





Commission Membership and Representation




11 of 20 Members Required for a Quorum

(13 of 25)


Dick Browdy

Governor’s Chair

Hamid Bahadori

Fire Protection Technologist

Bob Boyer

Municipal or Charter County Representative

Ed Carson

Manufactured Buildings

Kiko Franco


Herminio Gonzalez

Code Official

Ken Gregory

Swimming Pool Contractor

Dale Greiner

Code Official

Jeffery Gross

Building Management Industry

Jon Hamrick

Public Education

Scott Mollan

Mechanical Contractor

Nicholas Nicholson

Structural Engineer

Rafael Palacios

Mechanical Engineer

John Scherer

General Contractor

James Schock

Code Official

Chris Schulte

Roofing Sheet Metal & AC Contractors

Drew Smith

Green Building Industry

Jeff Stone

Building Product Manufacturer

John “Tim” Tolbert

Code Official

Mark Turner

Electrical Contractor

(Position Vacant)

Plumbing Contractor

(Position Vacant)

State Insurance Representative

(Position Vacant)

Insurance Industry

(Position Vacant)

Residential Contractor

(Position Vacant)

Representative for Persons With Disabilities