Report To The

Florida Building Commission


Energy Technical Advisory Committee


Teleconferenced Meeting 3/7/2012


Tallahassee, Florida


Members Present

Ron Bailey, Bob Cochell, Philip Fairey, Jan Geyselaer, Larry Maxwell, Rafael Palacios, Roger Sanders, Drew Smith, David Wojciewzak and Dale Greiner, Chair.


Staff Present:  Mo Madani, Ann Stanton, Joe Bigelow, Leslie Anderson-Adams.

Facilitated by:  Jeff Blair


Committee Objectives


Agenda Review and Approval

The meeting was opened by Chairman Dale Greiner at 1:00 pm with a quorum of nine, a tenth member joining later.  The TAC unanimously approved the agenda and the minutes of the January 17, 2012 meeting.



            Mo Madani briefly described the process for Commission approval of Energy Code compliance software as described in the document titled the Energy Simulation Tool, Technical Assistance Manual (the Manual). The Florida Solar Energy Center has submitted certification for approval of their program EnergyGauge USA 3.0 for residential energy code compliance as per the conditions described in the Manual. Rob Vieira, representing the Florida Solar Energy Center, asked the TAC if they had any questions about the program and its compliance certification package.  The TAC discussed the program, including possible future programming and mandatory requirements of the Code.  Madani stated that his staff had reviewed EnergyGauge USA 3.0 and found it in compliance with the conditions of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation and the provisions of the Manual. Action was then taken on the submittal.

            Madani described changes to Florida law related to Florida-specific criteria in the Florida Building Code. He further described a strategic plan and policy decisions approved by the Florida Building Commission at its January 2012 meeting as well as a process by which the 2013 Florida Building Code will be developed.  The law provides for Florida-specific efficiencies that may be carried forward into the next code. The list of “Florida Departures from the IECC” developed by staff was reviewed by the TAC to provide guidance as to which Florida-specific criteria should be proposed by staff during the 2013 code development process.  


Committee Actions

  1. On a seconded motion from Geyselaer, the TAC recommended sending the computer program EnergyGauge USA 3.0 to the Florida Building Commission for approval to be used to demonstrate compliance with the 2010 Florida Building Code Energy Conservation for residential buildings.
  2. On a seconded motion, the TAC moved to approve the list entitled Florida Departures from the IECC as a conceptual list of Florida-specific issues to be incorporated by staff into the 2013 Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.



The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Greiner at 2:30 p.m.