Florida Building Commission

Hurricane Research Advisory Committee


August 27, 2021- 9:00am


This Meeting Will Be Held Via Teleconference/Webinar

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Workgroup Members

Jim Shock-Chairman, Sergio Ascunce, Joseph Belcher, David Compton, Dr. Anne Cope, Jeffrey Gross, Mark Mikkelson, Craig Parrino, John “Bud” Plisich, Michael Savage, Dr. Angela Schedel, Brad Schiffer, Jeffrey Schnellmann, Vince Seijas, and Brian Swope. 


Meeting Objectives

ü To Approve Regular Procedural Topics (Agenda and Minutes). 

ü To Discuss and Review Existing Laws and Regulations Related to Recertification Requirements and Maintenance Schedules of Existing Buildings.   

ü To Discuss Approach for Continually Tracking Investigations Related to Champlain Towers.

ü To Discuss the Role of the Florida Building Code in the Inspection and Maintenance of Existing High-Rise Residential Buildings and Other High-Rise Structures.   

ü To Discuss and Identify the Workgroup’s Next Steps. 

ü To Hear Public, Workgroup Member, and Staff Comments.


Meeting Agenda

All Agenda Times—Including Public Comment and Adjournment—Are Approximate and Subject to Change


Welcome and Opening Roll Call

A.   Statement of Teleconference Participation Process

B.    Roll Call of Workgroup Members

C.   Identification of Staff Attendees


Review and Approval of Meeting Agenda


Review and Approval of June 21, 2021, Meeting Minutes


Update from the International Code Council On Their “Ensuring The Safety Of Existing Buildings” Panel Discussions


Discuss and Review All Relevant Guidelines, Statutes, Local Ordinances, Standards, and Model Codes Related To Building Recertification Requirements and Inspection Schedules For Existing Buildings.


A.   Local Ordinances

1.       Broward County 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program

2.       Miami Dade 40 Year Recertification Part 2

3.       Local Ordinances-Unsafe Structures-Utilizing the International Property Maintenance Code

4.       Local Ordinances-Unsafe Structures-Utilizing the Unsafe Building Abatement Code


B.    Model Codes and Standards

1.       Section 104.4.4, 2021 International Building Code

2.       Section 116, 2021 International Building Code

3.       Section 104.6, 2021 International Building Code

4.       Section 117.1, 2021 International Building Code

5.       Standard Unsafe Building Abatement Code

6.       2021 International Property Maintenance Code


C.   Florida Building Code Provisions and Florida Statutes

1.       Chapter 1, Florida Building Code, 7th Edition, (2020), Building

2.       Chapter 4, Florida Building Code, 7th Edition (2020), Existing Building

3.       553.73, Florida Statutes

4.       553.77, Florida Statutes

5.       553.79, Florida Statutes

6.       553.80, Florida Statutes


D.  Laws/Regulations from Jurisdictions Outside of Florida

1.       Façade Inspections

2.       Chicago Existing Building Inspections


Discuss Approach for Continually Tracking and Compiling Findings From Investigations of Champlain Towers.


Evaluate What Role, If Any, The Florida Building Code Could or Should Have Regarding Inspections and Maintenance of Existing High-Rise Residential Buildings and Other High-Rise Buildings As Appropriate.


Identification and Discussion of Next Steps.

A.   Is Additional Research Necessary to Address Existing Data Gaps?

B.   Identification of Possible Briefings/Presentations from Other Experts 

C.   Identification of Opportunities for Collaboration with Other Groups Evaluating the Issue


Other Workgroup Business


Public Comment


Workgroup Member and Staff Comment




Staff Contacts:

Thomas Campbell, Executive Director (850) 717-1823; Thomas.campbell@myfloridalicense.com

Mo Madani, Technical Director, (850)717-1825 Mo.madani@myfloridalicense.com


Note: This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request.  Contact Office of Codes and Standards, Florida Building Commission, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 2601 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399 or call (850) 487-1824.