Technical Advisory Chairpersons (TAC)

1:00 P.M. August 07, 2017

Embassy Suites

950 S. Ocean Drive

Deerfield Beach, Florida


1. Welcome and Opening Roll Call                                                  Chairman


2. Review and Approval of Agenda and August 15, 2016 Minutes


Technical Advisory Committees (TACS) of the Commission:

Chairman/FBC   Dick Browdy
Accessibility     Jeffrey Gross
Code Administration   Jay Carlson
Structural    James Schock
Fire   Hamid Bahadori
Electrical Kevin Flanagan
Energy   Drew Smith
Mechanical Steve Bassett
Plumbing Frederick Schilling
Roofing Brian Swope
Special Occupancy   Charlie Frank
Swimming Pools   James Batts



Definitions for “Research” and "Technical Enrichment”


Research:  An important and necessary endeavor that aimed at studying specific code related issue(s)/topics for the purpose of providing solutions to a specific problem or future code change(s) directed at improving the implementation and enforcement of the FBC.  The issue to be researched must be fully understood (i.e. with clear purpose of doing the research/goals); clearly defined with specific scope of work/approach; and within budget.


Technical Enrichment: An important and necessary endeavor that is aimed at evaluating complex related code issue(s)/topics for the purpose of providing educational/clarification experience or alternative solutions directed at improving the implementation and enforcement of the FBC.  Method of delivery for these matters is through workshop/TAC meetings with specific participation of expert(s) in subject area of concern.







3.   Available Funding Sources                                                         Mo Madani


4.  Review research Workplan/Timeline                                         Mo Madani


5. TAC considers, evaluates and recommends list of research topics for consideration by the Commission.                                           


Presentations of proposed research projects by proponents


Energy Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        Residential Air Leakage Testing and Mechanical Ventilation Verification (FSEC/$59,000)


Priority 2:        Create an Electronic Storage Protocol for Building Permits (FSEC/$54,999)


Priority 3:        Residential Prescriptive and Performance Code Methodology for Crediting Smart Thermostats (FSEC/$20,000)


Priority 4:        Energy Impact of Dehumidifier Location (FSEC/$40,000)


Priority 5:        Improving Water Heating Efficiency in the Residential Performance Code



Priority 6:        Investigation of Exterior Duct Condensation Potential of Deeply Buried Cold Air Supply Ducts in Florida Vented Attics (FSEC/$82,000)


Priority 7:        Air Leakage and Conductive Impacts of Central Air Deep Media Filter Boxes and Electronic Air Cleaner Boxes (FSEC/$29,000)


Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        A study to determine specific changes in the code and a Committee to access the specific code sections with stakeholders to get more information to local jurisdictions (Joe Crum)


Roofing Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        A cost impact study completed on decking systems in reference to the roofing diaphragms and costs to the consumer
( FRSA / $113,000 - $156,000)


Priority 2:        Continuation of corrosion of roofing fasteners (UF/$25,065)




Fire Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        Study on impact of code issues on property insurance rates (Tony Apfelbeck/$15,000)


Priority 2:        Cost/Benefit Analysis of Impact of Florida’s Specific Changes to 2015 I-Code Changes (Prescriptive Code Changes)”

-          Additional Information added to the ongoing cost impact analysis project (Jim Schock/$25,000)

-          Evaluation of Cost Impact and Benefit of 2018 Prescriptive Code Changes (UF/$79,960)

-          Workshop on Evaluation of the Cost Impact of Prescriptive Code Changes (UF/39,950)

-          Comparison of the 6th Edition Florida Building Energy Code with IECC 2018 and ASHRAE 90.1-2016 (FSEC/$48,000)



Priority 3:        A research project on the impact of residential fire spread between buildings

                        in a fire scenario (No proposal submitted)



Code Admin Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        A study for building departments, contractors, owners, etc. to offer a

                        resolution of outdated or expired permits to avoid time issues

(Shane Gerwig/$25,000)


Special Occupancy Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        A study on public restrooms below the “design flood” elevation

(Steve Martin/$150,000)


Building Structural Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        Expansion of the current UF project on disasters to include water

                        intrusion requirements, flood provisions, and the CCL requirements (Jim Schock)


Priority 2:        A research project to see if it is reasonable to have a seismic design in Florida (Jim Schock/$18,000)


Priority 3:        A study on how buildings are to be designed in the future and how the code

                        could consider sea level rise and sea level rise parameters

(Jaime Gascon/$45,000)


Electrical Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        Cost/Benefit Analysis of the requirement of automatic receptacle control in ASHRAE 90.1 to see if it is actually producing energy savings (Joseph Territo)


Priority 2:        A study to identify code modifications needed to enhance existing

            swimming pool electrical safety (Bryan Holland)


Priority 3:        A study to evaluate impact of code updates and the ISO, BCEGS and

            insurance premiums and a qualifier that would identify electrical requirements specifically (Bryan Holland)


Priority 4:        A study to make sure all local jurisdictions are using the same NEC requirements (No proposal)


Accessibility Technical Advisory Committee


Priority 1:        Research on Hotel specific requirements for bed heights

-          Establish Bed Height, Bed Frame and Scoping Recommendations for the Florida Specific Accessibility/Transient Housing Section of Code (Diana Worrall/$5,000)

-          Florida Specific Accessibility Requirements for Guest Rooms (Bemmie Eustace)


Priority 2:        Research project on Chapter 233 residential facilities requirements

(Jeff Gross/$5,000)


Priority 3:        Research on the need for changing tables for adults with disabilities and what other states are doing or not to assist with this need (Brad Schiffer/$15,000)




6.  Adjournment                                                                                Chairman