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Description: Exiting eight floors hotel, built in 1948 with 172 guest rooms units and 103,656 square feet including administrative offices, restaurant, bar, pool, gym, meeting rooms and other amenities for the guests of the hotel use.

Need Additional Space

Construction Cost:

6. Project Construction Cost (Provide cost for new construction, the addition, or the alteration):


The total cost of the improvements is $506,000.00 (See construction contract attached). From this amount 112,000.00 was dedicated to ADA improvements of the building (22 % of total cost of improvements).

7. Has there been any construction activity on this building during the past three years?

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Comments: The railings of the two fire stairwells were upgraded to code last year. (Permit SD0816-0154)

Construction Status:

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*Briefly explain why the request has now been referred to the Commission.
The building reviewer from the City of Miami Beach refer us to the Commission because the existing elevators car dimensions 48"x65"do not meet the minimum dimensions required by the Florida Accessibility Code for building construction.

Requirements to be Waived.

9. Requirements requested to be waived. Please reference the applicable section of Florida law. Only Florida-specific accessibility requirements may be waived.

Issue 1: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms Minimum height in parking structures Accessible parking
Vertical accessibility Toilet rooms
Private Other

Florida Accessibility Code Chapter 4, Table 407.4.

Issue 2: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms Minimum height in parking structures Accessible parking
Vertical accessibility Toilet rooms
Private Other

Existing two centered door elevators with exiting car dimensions of 44 inches depth by 65 inches width each one.

Issue 3: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms Minimum height in parking structures Accessible parking
Vertical accessibility Toilet rooms
Private Other



Grounds for waiver.

10. Grounds for Waiver: The Florida Building Commission may grant waivers of Florida-specific accessibility requirements upon a determination of unnecessary, unreasonable or extreme hardship. Please describe how this project meets the following hardship criteria. Explain all that would apply for consideration of granting the waiver.


The building was built as per the existing code and regulations in effect at the time of construction in 1948. During this remodeling, the Hotel dedicated $112,000.00 (over 22 % of the budget) to improvements of ADA requirements,

The City of Miami Beach will not approve the project if the waiver is
denied. The cost of bring at list one elevator to comply with the minimum dimension as per
ADA requirements is as follows:
Demolition of the existing elevators: $80,000.00
Cost two new traction elevators: $277,550.00
Shaft hoist way modification and reinforcement
Miscellaneous and profit: $178,983.40
Total cost: $536,533.40

Cost Estimates For Compliance:

Licensed Design Professional Comments.

11. Licensed Design Professional: Where a licensed design professional has designed the project, his or her comments including his or her signature and professional seal MUST be uploaded.


The existing elevators provide a partial vertical accessibility to all levels. The original designed configuration allows a front and rear access in the ground level. As a result, for accessibility to the second floor where six ADA guestrooms are located, a front access in the lobby must be used. For vertical accessibility from levels three to eight arear lobby access must be used.
Sings will be posted as follows: for accessibility to second floor use lobby access; for accessibility to third thru eight floors use rear lobby access.


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Additional Documentation.

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