Florida Building Commission


Technical Advisory Committee

June 13, 2013

3:00PM 5:00PM


Meeting Tallahassee, Florida


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Call-in toll-free number: 1-888-6703525  (US) Call-in number: 1-720-3891212  (US)
Attendee access code: 606 232 6940


Point of Access: 1940 N. Monroe Street, Suite 90, Tallahassee, Florida 32399



Commission Members: Chairman; Tim Tolbert, Bob Boyer, Remington Brown, Jimmy Buckner, Billy Cone, Chuck Goldsmith, Lorraine Ross, Brian Swope, Karen Warseck, Mark Zehnal

Objective - The purpose of this meeting to accept public input and provide recommendations on the Glitch proposed code changes for the 2013 update to the Florida Building Code.


Meeting Agenda


Review of objectives will include the following: Description of issue, discussion by Commission, public comment, Commission action



Welcome and Opening, Roll Call

Review and Approval of Meeting Agenda


Approval of Minutes of May 23, 2013



Accept public input and provide recommendation on Glitch proposed code changes for the 2013 update to the Florida Building Code.http://www.floridabuilding.org/fbc/thecode/2013_Code_Development_Process.html



Other Commission business


Public Comment


Member Comment


Schedule next meeting.







Staff Contacts: Marlita Peters, Marlita.peters@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 922-6864; Mo Madani, mo.madani@myfloridalicense.com

Note: This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request.  Contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Office of Codes and Standards, 1940 N. Monroe Street, Suite 90, Tallahassee Florida 32399-0772 or call (850) 487-1824