Florida Building Commission


Technical Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2013, 9:00a.m.


Meeting was held via teleconference/webinar

Public point of Access: 1940 N. Monroe Street, Suite 90, Tallahassee, Florida 32399


TAC Objectives

Committee Members Present: Chairman; Tim Tolbert, Bob Boyer, Remington Brown, Jimmy Buckner, Billy Cone, Chuck Goldsmith, Brian Swope, Mark Zehnal

Committee Members Absent: Lorraine Ross, Karen Warseck

Guests Present: Eric Smith, Jim Holmes, Dave Wise,  Jaime Gascon, Michael Fox, Joe Byrne, Greg Keeler, Alan Belcher, Rosalee Bianco, Chris Schulte,

Staff Present: Mo Madani, Marlita Peters, Robert Lorenzo, April Hammonds, Jim Richmond

Ø Objective - Review and discuss concerns regarding corrosion of ridge vent fasteners, to consider and make recommendations regarding a request for declaratory statement, and other business for the Commission.


Meeting Minutes


Review of objectives will include the following:  Description of issue, discussion by Commission, public comment, Commission action



Welcome and Opening, Roll Call

Due to computer issues the meeting opened at 9:04am.  Roll call was taken with a quorum present.

Review and Approval of Meeting Agenda

Motion by Mr. Tim Tolbert to approve Agenda.  Seconded by Mr. Chuck Goldsmith.  Vote taken with a unanimous approval.


Approval of Minutes of January 16, 2013

Motion by Mr. Chuck Goldsmith to approve previous meeting minutes.  Seconded by Mr. Brian Swope. Vote taken with a unanimous approval.


Review and discuss concerns regarding corrosion of ridge vent fasteners

Palm Beach County NOA    Miami-Dade NOA      County of Palm Beach-Ltr to Ch. Browdy

Mr. Mo Madani, Florida Building Commission, Codes and Standards Manager, opened with an explanation of the materials for review and the issue for discussion.  The issue of roof vent fastener corrosion was initiated by a letter submitted to Commission Chairman, Dick Browdy, from the County of Palm Beach.  This issue was brought to their attention by a local roofing contractor.  This item is included for review.


Other items included for review by the TAC are two Notices of Acceptance (NOA’s) by Miami-Dade offices and TAS 114 which is a standard referenced within the NOA’s which references how fasteners should be tested and evaluated.  Staff included an Issue Paper which summarizes the concerns and outlines the four basic issues: severe corrosion consistent with electrode galvanized fasteners related to metal ridge and tile systems as used in the coastal environments, and concerns with overseas manufacturers.  The Issue Paper also outlines the Florida Building Code requirements as it relates to fasteners and roofing.


Today’s meeting is to listen to the TAC and outside interested parties to determine if there are widespread concerns and determine where this issue will lead.


Chairman, Tolbert, took control of the meeting and explained that in his area of the state, a high-salt environment, deterioration of galvanized fasteners seems to occur within 5-6 years and the issue extends beyond the fasteners.  Most [contractor’s] who are aware of this issue in the Santa Rosa area use stainless steel fasteners.


It was stated that perhaps Product Approval should be looking at these items to ensure that the products used adhere to the product approval system design and use as tested.  He suggests that this should be passed on to the Product Approval TAC.


A lengthy discussion ensued and many participants provided information for further review and discussion.


Motion by Billy Cone, seconded by Chuck Goldsmith to send this issue to the Product Approval TAC for them to check the product, compliance product packaging and what [product] is being used, which is governed by the local body who are permitting and inspecting.


Mr. Cone provided two Product Approval Numbers issued to Owens Corning, which is FL 10758-R2 and FL 12221-R2 which were provided in the NOAs submitted to this agenda for review.  Mr. Madani will confirm this information.  Mr. Cone suggested that this may need to be reviewed by the Miami-Dade NOA approval group or the Product Approval TAC or both.


Vote taken: 5 Yes to 3 No.  Motion fails.


Staff to check the product approval numbers to confirm they are correct.


Mr. Buckner suggested, based on information provided by the staff, that an additional meeting be held for discussion.


Mr. Madani suggested an on-site meeting to be conducted along with the August, 2013 Commission meeting and invite involved associations and contractors who may provide additional important information to the subject.


Motion by Bob Boyer and seconded by Mark Zhenal to hold a meeting in August (22nd - 23rd), 2013 in conjunction with the Florida Building Commission meeting.  Vote taken: unanimous approval.  Motion passes.


Mr. Billy Cone suggested that this could be a tactic to cause a code change which could result in a more superior fastener being required for use.  Chairman Tolbert confirmed that this is still a Roofing TAC issue and would be up to the TAC to make recommendations to the Commission and this would not result in an immediate code change.



Consider and make recommendations regarding a request for declaratory statement     DS2013-032 Allen Gezelman.         WITHDRAWN


Other Commission business – No other business for discussion.


Public Comment


Member Comment


Schedule next meeting.


Adjournment.  Motion to adjourn by Mr. Goldsmith and seconded by Mr. Zhenal. 

Meeting adjourned: 9:54am



Staff Contacts: Marlita Peters, marlita.peters@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1831; Mo Madani, mo.madani@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1825. Note: This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request.  Contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Office of Codes and Standards, 1940 N. Monroe Street, Suite 90, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0772 or call 850-487-1824 or call 850-487-1824.