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  Florida Building Code - Building   Energy Report for Existing Buildings and Replacement System
  Florida Building Code - Residential    
  Florida Building Code -Plumbing    
  Florida Building Code - Mechanical    
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  2010 Florida Building Code

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  Accessibility Power Point

ADA 2010
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2003 IBC Referenced Sections


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  Fuel / Gas    
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  Special Occupancy

Florida Building Code -Elevator

Section 423 State requirements
for Educational Facilities
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ASCE24 Highlights

Comparing NIFP ICodes

DEM Flood Ourtreach FAQs

Flood Flyer - January 2012

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Wind Maps

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  Code Interpretations Power Point  
  Fire   Fire Flyer
  Swimming Pools   DEC Statement   DS-2012-085
  2012 Legislation   SB 704 – Code Related Requirements

Certification of the 2012 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction

2010 Florida Building Code Questions and Answer Webinar held 13 March, 2012