Highlight of important changes in the 2010 Florida Building Code, Residential

Note:  Text highlighted in blue represent Florida specific changes. 

            Text highlighted in black represent ICC specific changes.

Chapter 1: Scope and Administration

R101.2 – Revise provision to replace “grade” with “Grade plane”.  Add new exception for live/work units.  Also, revise section for consistency with the IRC.

Chapter 2: Definition

Clarify/add new definition for the following terms: Attic, Habitable attic, labeled, listed, Structural insulated panel “SIP”.  Also, the following terms were revised or added: Addition, basic wind speed, building integrated photovoltaic roofing, floodplain management ordinance, hurricane-prone regions, means of escape, sunroom, and wind-borne debris region. 

Chapter 3: Building Planning

R301.1 – Clarify exception with regard to flood provisions.

R301.1.1 – Add ICC – 400 as an alternative standard and update standard for cold-framing steel framing to AISI S230.

R301.2.1.1 – Update design criteria to include provisions for SIP, reference ICC-600.  Correlate section with ASCE 7 – 2010.  Update MAF Guide to concrete and the WFCM Guide to Wood Construction in High Wind Areas. 

Table R301.2 (1) – Revise footnote to address flood provisions.

Table R301.2 (2) – Revise to correlate with ASCE 7-2010 and missing footnotes.

Figure R301.2 (4) – Update wind map for consistency with ASCE 7 – 2010.

Table R301.2 (4) – Correlate table with ASCE 7 – 2010.

R301. – Add new provision to clarify wind loads determination on rooftop structures and equipment.

R301.2.1.2 – Add new provision to address protection of ventilation openings in exterior wall of buildings located in WBDR.

R301. – Add modification to ASTM E 1996 for consistency with ASCE 7-2010.

Table R301.2.1.2 – Revise fastening schedule for wood structural panels.

R301.2.1.3 – Revise wind speed conversion for consistency with ASCE 7-2010.

R301. – Revise criteria for surface roughness and add surface roughness D as per ASCE 7 – 2010.

R301. – Revise exposures categories and add Exposures D for consistency with ASCE 7 – 2010.

R301.2.1.7 – Add new provision to clarify testing to allowable or nominal loads.

R301.3 – Revise the threshold for story height.

Table R301.5 – Revise the minimum uniformly distributed live load for balconies.

R302.1/Table R302.1 – Reformat and regroup provisions related to fire separation, penetrations and other fire-resistance requirements under one section.   Require testing for rating of fire separation.   Provide exception for fire separation specific to buildings on the same lot.  Add a new exception screen enclosure walls of insect screening.

R302.2 – Clarify the fire resistant rating for common rated wall in townhouses.

R302.3 – Add exception for screen enclosure wall of insect screening from the separation requirement for two-family dwellings.

R302.4 – Reformatted to include rated penetration provisions.

R302.5 – Reformatted to include provisions for garage opening and penetration.

R302.6/Table R302.6 – add table for “Dwelling/Garage Separation”.

R305.1 – Revise maximum ceiling height.

R308.1.1/R308.3 – Reference ANSI Z97.1 as an alternative testing procedure.

R308.4 – Reformat provisions for hazardous locations requiring safety glazing.

R308.6.1 – Add new definition for Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD).

R310.1 – Add habitable attics as requiring emergency escape and rescue openings.

R311 – Reformat means of egress requirements.

R311.2 – Add exception for building that are 400 square feet or less from the door height and width requirements.

R311.7.2 – Clarify the measurement of stairway headroom.

R311.7.3/R311.7.4 – Clarify the requirements for stair treads and risers.

R311.7.7 – Revise the handrail height at transition fittings.

R312 – Clarify measurements for guards.

R313 – Delete provisions for automatic fire sprinklers.

R314 – Reorganize and clarify provisions for smoke alarms.

R315 – Revise the requirements for carbon monoxide alarms.

R317.1 – Revise locations for protection against decay.

R317.3 – Clarify the requirements for fasteners and connectors in contact with treated wood.

R317.4 – New provisions was added for wood/plastic composites.

R319.1 – Add provisions for “address numbers”.

R322 – Add requirements for flood-resistant construction.

R323 – Add ICC 500 for storm shelters.

R324 – Revise the provisions for Airport Noise.

Chapter 4: Foundation

R401.3 – Clarify the requirement for drainage.

R401.4 – Clarify the requirements for soil tests.

R402.3 – Revise the provisions for precast concrete.

R403.4 – Add specific requirements for crushed stone footings.

R404. – Clarify the compression strength of concrete.

R407.3 – Add specification for steel columns.

R408.1/R408.2 – Revise the criteria for under floor space ventilation.

Chapter 5: Floors

R502 – Revise to remove all provisions that are not applicable to high wind areas.

R505 – Deleted.

Chapter 6: Wall Construction

R602 – Revise to remove all provisions that are not applicable to high wind areas.

R603 – Deleted.

R606.8.1 – Add new section “stack bond”.

R606.14.1 – Clarify criteria for joint bearing.

R609.1.5 – Clarify criteria for providing cleanouts.

R613 – Revise provisions for consistency with ASCE 7 – 2010 and to remove criteria for snow loads.

R616 – Add new provisions for soffit product approval and installation.

Chapter 7: Wall Covering

R703/Table R703.4 – Add wind resistance requirements and clarify the water barrier requirements for exterior walls.

R703.7.3 – Add corrosion resistance requirements for protection of lintels.

R703.7.4 – Clarify masonry veneer anchorage.

R703.11.1.1/R703.11.2 – Add specific requirements for installation of vinyl siding including soffit.

R703.8 – Clarify flashing requirements for exterior window and door openings.

R703.10 – Revise requirements for panel siding and lap siding for consistency with IRC.

R703.11 – Clarify installation standard for vinyl siding.

Chapter 8: Roof-Ceiling Construction

Table R802.1.9 (1) – Correlate table with ASCE 7-2010.

R802 – Revise to remove provisions that are not applicable to high wind areas.

R804 – Deleted.

R806.4 – Clarify provisions for unvented attic assemblies.

Chapter 9:  Roof Assemblies

R905.2 – Clarify attachment and wind-resistance of asphalt shingle.

Table R905.2.6.1 – Correlate wind resistance of asphalt shingles with ASCE 7-2010.

R905 – Revise to reference RAS 118, 119 or 120 and correlate section with ASCE 7-2010.

R905.16 – Add new provisions for building integrated photovoltaic roofing modules/shingles.

R905.8.6 – Revise the installation instruction for wood shake.

Chapter 10: Chimneys and Fire Places

R1001/R1003 – Revise the installation specification for masonry fireplaces and chimneys.

Chapter 11:  Energy Conservation  

Note:  Provisions of this chapter were deleted and compliance was deferred to the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.

Chapter 12: Mechanical Administration (No highlight changes)

Chapter 13:  General Mechanical System Requirements

M1305.1.4.1/M1308.3 – reformate requirements for ground clearance for appliances under one section.

M1307.3.1 – Expand the requirements for protection from vehicle impact damage to more locations.

Chapter 14: Heating and Cooling Equipment (No highlight changes)

Chapter 15: Exhaust System

M1502 – Clarify the requirements for installation of clothes dryer exhaust.

Chapter 16: Duct Systems

R1601 – This section was revised extensively for consistency with the FBC, Energy Conservation.

M1601.6 – Provide requirements for independent garage HVAC systems.

M1602.2 – Add provisions to prohibit unconditioned attics and crawl spaces as source for outdoor and return air for HVAC systems.

Chapter 17: Combustion Air

M1701 – Revised extensively.

Chapter 18: Chimneys and Vents (No highlight changes)

Chapter 19: Special Fuel-Burning Equipment (No highlight changes)

Chapter 20: Boilers and Water Heaters (No highlight changes)

Chapter 21: Hydronic Piping

M2103.2 – Add requirements for thermal barrier for hydronic floor heating systems.

M2104/Table2101.1 – Expand materials acceptable for hydronic piping.

Chapter 22: Special Piping and Storage Systems (No highlight changes)

Chapter 23: Solar Systems (No highlight changes)

Chapter 24: Fuel Gas

G2408.2.1/G2408.6 – Clarify appliance installation in garages so as not to exert undue strain on the connections.

G2415.4 – Prohibit underground penetration of gas piping.

G2415.6 – Revise requirements for piping in solid floors.

G2415.12 – Revise requirements for piping underground beneath buildings.

G2417.3.4 – Revise valve isolation for consistency with IRC.

G2420.5 – Clarify the location requirements for appliance shutoff valve.

G2422.1.2.1 – Revise minimum length of connections.

G2439.5 – Clarify the requirements for clothes dryer ducts.

G2447.5 – Add requirements for vertical clearance above cooking top.

Chapter 25: Plumbing Administration (No highlight changes)

Chapter 26: General Plumbing Requirements

P2603.2 – Revise to reference AISI 230 for drilling and notching.

Chapter 27: Plumbing Fixtures

P2705.1 – Revise provisions for installation of fixtures.

P2719.1 – Clarify permitted locations for floor drains.

Chapter 28: Water Heaters (No highlight changes)

Chapter 29: Water Supply and Distribution

P3005.2.6 – Clarify the requirements for cleanout at the base of stacks.

P3108.1/P3108.2 – Clarify provisions for wet venting.

Chapter 30: Sanitary Drainage (No highlight changes)

Chapter 41: Swimming Pools

R4101.4.2.1 – Add new provisions for flood hazard areas.

Chapter 44: High-Velocity Hurricane Zones

R4402.2.1 – Add definition for “Building Integrated Photovoltaic Roofing”.

R4402.6.5.2 – Add new criteria for fasteners.

R4402.7.2.3 – Clarify the definition for tin caps and nails.

R4402.7.11 – Add new requirements for building integrated photovoltaic roofing modules.

R4402.10.8 – Clarify examination of steel decks.

R4402.10.17.1 – Clarify the application of elastomeric coating over existing asphalt shingles.

R4402.10.21 – Add new exception for attic space designed by a PE.

R4402. – Clarify installation of fasteners, membrane fasteners and stress plates.

R4402.13 – Add new exception for attic space designed by a PE.

R4403.7.8 – Clarify load combination with respect to flood load.

R4403.9 – Correlate wind loads with ASCE 7 – 2010.

R4403.11 – Add new provisions for sunrooms construction.

R4403.12.1.2 – Provide an exception for screen enclosures constructed in accordance of AAF Guide to Aluminum Construction in High Wind Areas.

R4403.12.2 – Add new provisions for wind breakers.

R4403.13 – Add new provisions for flood resistance.

R4407.5 – Revise provisions for reinforced unit masonry extensively.

R4408 – Update standards for steel construction.

R4409.1.4.7 – Update standards for wood construction.

R4410.2.1.11 – Clarify the use of comparative analysis for product approval of fixed glazing.

R4411.4 – Update standards for gypsum board products.