11 August, 2014
  2:00 P.M.
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  Members: Jack Humburg, Barbara Page, William S. Riha,Linda Parnell, James Woolyhand, Bob Gerwe
1 Call to Order.

Review of Minutes of August 9, 2014 Meeting.

3 Review of Applications for Waivers from Accessibility Requirements.
1 Kappa Delta Sorority House
555 West Jefferson Street, Tallahassee
Staff Analysis Application

Epic Theaters
Lot Adjacent to HH Gregg, 8380 Merchants Way, Jacksonville

Staff Analysis Application

The Temple House
1415 Euclid Avenue, Miami Beach

Staff Analysis Application

Alpha GammaDelta Porch Enclosure
517 West Park av, Tallahassee

Staff Analysis Application

Venezia Hotel
3865 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach

Staff Analysis Application

Honda of Port Charlotte
1252 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte

Staff Analysis Application

Ave Maria University Press Box
4811 Kelleher Street, Ave Maria

Staff Analysis Application
8 Collins Park Hotel
2000 Park Avenue and 2035 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach
Staff Analysis Application
9 Devine Wine and Grill
15 Alafaya Woods Boulevard, Suite 117, Oviedo
Staff Analysis Application
10 Polk State College Center for Public Safety
w1251 Jim Keene Boulevard, Winter Haven
Staff Analysis Application
4 Public Comment.
5 Adjourn.