Florida Building Commission

August 6-7, 2012

Embassy Suites at USF

3705 Spectrum Blvd

Tampa, FL 33612


Commission Objectives

To Consider Regular Procedural Issues: Agenda Approval and Approval Minutes and Facilitators Summary Report of telephone conferences since the last plenary session.

To Consider/Decide on Chair's Discussion Issues/Recommendations.

To Consider/Decide on Accessibility Waiver Applications.

To Consider/Decide on Approvals of Products and Product Approval Entities.

To Consider Applications for Accreditor and Course Approval.

To Conduct a Rule Development Workshop, Rule 61G20-1.002, Alternative Design Method for Screen Enclosures

To Conduct a Rule Development Workshop, Rule 61G20-1.001(1), Florida Building Code

To Consider/Decide on Legal Issues: Binding Interpretations and Petitions for Declaratory Statements.

To Consider Legislative Issues.

To Consider/Decide on Committees Report/Recommendations.

To Receive Public Comment.

To Discuss Commissioner Comments and Issues.

To Review Committee Assignments and Issues for the Next MeetingOctober 8-9, 2012 in Daytona, Florida.

To Consider Other Business as Noticed

To Identify Needed Next Steps, Assignments, and Agenda Items For Next Meeting


Committee and Workgroup Meetings Preceding the Plenary Session

Meetings are held by teleconference and webinar unless otherwise indicated

July 23

9:00 a.m.

Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee

July 23

2:00 p.m.

Structural Technical Advisory Committee

July 24

10:00 a.m.

Swimming Pool Technical Advisory Committee

July 24

2:00 p.m.

Accessibility Technical Advisory Committee - CANCELLED

July 25

2:00 p.m.

Accessibility Advisory Council

July 26

2:30 p.m.

Product Approval Oversight Committee

July 30

10:00 a.m.

Education Program Oversight Committee

July 30

2:00 p.m.

Hurricane Research Advisory Committee

August 2

10:00 a.m.

Screen Enclosure Workgroup

August 3

10:00 a.m.

Accessibility Technical Advisory Committee * CANCELLED

August 6

10:00 a.m.

Energy Technical Advisory Committee [on site, Tampa]

*Accessibility TAC will only meet if additional documentation is received related to DS 2012-051


Meeting Agenda Plenary Session Tuesday, August 7, 2012




Welcome and Opening, Roll Call



Review and Approval of Meeting Agenda



Review and Approval of June 11-12, 2012 and July 12, 2012, Meeting Minutes and Facilitators Report-June 2012



Chairs Discussion Issues and Recommendations:



  1. Appointments
  2. Uniform Code Implementation Workgroup Update
  3. Teleconference Participation [attachment]



Accessibility Waiver Applications:



  1. Indian River Networks, LLC, 200 Ocean Avenue, Suite 201, Melbourne Beach
  2. Medical Offices for Prevecare, 123 North Krome Avenue, Homestead
  3. Xtreme Pool Challenge, 161 N. Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach
  4. JTG of Vero Beach Ltd., 1940 58th Avenue, Vero Beach
  5. Adams Street Advocates, LLC, 205 Adams Street, Tallahassee



Applications for Product and Entity Approval



Applications for Accreditor and Course Approval



Recommendations for Statutory Changes to the 2013 Legislature



Rule Development Workshop, Rule 61G20-1.002, Alternative Design Method for Screen Enclosures (notice ) Proposed Text of Rule 61G20-1.002



Rule Development Workshop, Rule 61G20-1.001(1), Florida Building Code (notice ) (Proposed Changes Other Than Energy ) (Energy changes )


Petitions for Declaratory Statement



  1. Process Modification
  2. Consideration of amendment to action previously taken:

(i)              DS2012-019 by Lorraine Ross

(ii)             DS 2012 020 by Lorraine Ross

  1. Second Hearings: Legal Report

(i)               DS_2012038 Pinch-a-Penny Amended  Draft Order

(ii)            DS 2012-034by Arnoldo Artiles, P.E. Draft Order

(iii)           DS 2012 037 by Raymond Manucy of RM Enterprises Inc. Draft Order

  1. First Hearings: Legal Report

(i)                DS 2012-021 by Joe Belcher (deferred) Supporting Documentation (First Amendment) (Second Amendment)(CWS Motion)

(ii)             DS 2012-042 by Ricks A/C, Inc. (deferred)

(iii)           DS 2012-044 by Alfonso Fernandez-Fraga, P.E., Initial Engineers

(iv)            DS 2012-051 by Larry M. Schneider, AIA

(v)               DS 2012-052 by Baltimore Aircoil Company




Committee Reports:



Accessibility Technical Advisory Committee (CANCELLLED )

Education Program Oversight Committee

Energy Technical Advisory Committee

Hurricane Research Advisory Committee

Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee

Product Approval Program Oversight Committee

Screen Enclosure Workgroup

Structural Technical Advisory Committee

Swimming Pool Technical Advisory Committee



Public Comment



Adoption of Recommendations for Submittal to the Commission






Following Adjournment, newly appointed commissioners may remain for introduction to staff and discussion with the Chairman