Florida Building Commission


Product Approval/Manufactured Buildings Program Oversight Committee (POC)



Telephone Number:  1-888-808-6959 Code:  1332287494

Public Point of Access:  Room 250L, 2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard

Tallahassee, FL


January 24, 2012 – 2:30 P.M.


Meeting Objectives:


  • To Consider/Discuss Product Approval Program Issues
  • To Consider/Discuss Declaratory Statements
  • Discussion Items
  • To Consider/Decide on Approval of Products and Product Approval Entities


Product Approval Program Oversight Committee members:

Ed Carson – Chair, Chris Schulte, Herminio Gonzalez, Jeffrey Stone, Tim Tolbert, Nicholas Nicholson and John Scherer


Meeting Agenda:


  1. Call to Order/Review & Approve Agenda and November 2011 Minutes


  1. Product Approval Program Issues:

A. Product Approval and Entities Statistics Report  

B. Product Approval Administrator’s Performance Survey

C. Product Approval Enhancements/Status


  1. Declaratory Statements:

A.  DS2011-096:  Mr. Jeffrey Cooper, Chief Operating Officer/EPOXY-Z (Staff Analysis )

B.  DS2011-097:  Mr. Jeffrey Cooper, Chief Operating Officer/EPOXY-Z (Staff Analysis ) 


  1. Discussion Items:

A.    Structural TAC Recommendations Regarding Equivalency of Standards as follows:

ASTM E 1996-05 is Equivalent to 1996-02 and for Impact Devices in Equivalent to 1996-06

B.     Revocations – Process/Procedures

C.     Update on the Spacer Issue


  1. Ted Berman and Associates Report:

A. Review of Product Approval and Entity Applications

B. Product Approval Applications with Comments

C. DBPR Applications


  1. Adjourn