Structural Technical Advisory Committee 


Conference Call Meeting 

Phone call in number:  888-808-6959
Conference call code:  2059360213

January 5, 2012

10:00 AM-10:45 AM

Public point of access: Room 250L
Department of Business and Professional Regulation - Southwood
Building Codes and Standards

2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100


Ø   To Consider Regular Procedural Issues:  Approval of Agenda and Previous Meetings Minutes
Ø      To Consider: Review and make recommendations to the Commission and Product Approval POC on equivalency of standards
Ø      To Consider Committee and Public Comments

Structural TAC members present: Jim Schock, Chairman, Craig Parrino, Steve Strawn, Jack Glenn, Rusty Carroll, Dan Lavrich, Do Kim, Jaime Gascon, and Nicholas Nicholson.

1.   Called to Order - reviewed/approved agenda as submitted and the previous meetings minutes were approved. 

2.  On the issue presented of “ASTM E 1996-05 is equivalent to 1996-02 and for impact devices is equivalent to 1996-06”, the TAC heard from both the Petitioner and staff regarding the issue of concern and took the following action:


      TAC Action #1:  The Committee unanimously recommended that “ASTM E 1996-05 is equivalent to ASTM E 1996-02.”


TAC Action #2:  The Committee unanimously recommended that “ASTM E 1996 - 05 is equivalent to ASTM E 1996-06 with respect to protective devices, with the exclusion of mullions.”

3.  Under Public Comment, an issue arose regarding the code development process and it was reminded that the 2013 Florida Building Code process is going to be dramatically different. 

4.  Adjourned at 10:45

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