Wind Mitigation WorkGroup

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Meeting – May 6, 2008 Agenda - Minutes

Meeting Minutes –March19, 2008

Proposed Changes to 2007 Florida Building Code – Draft

Meeting Minutes – January 28, 2008

Letter from SPRI on Roofing Gravel

Understanding Low-Sloped Roofs Under Hurricane Charley From Field to Practice

Standard Classification for Sizes of Aggregate for Road and Bridge Construction

Standard Specification for Mineral Aggregate Used on Built-up Roofs

SFBC 1194-1999

Comments from Billy Cone- RoofTech Roofing & Sheet Metal

Gravel Code Changes 2007

Whiting Construction Comments on Gravel Code

Gravel or Stone Roofing Systems

Proposed Changes to the 2003 ICC Edition

Comments from David Roodvoets on Ballastered Roofs

Comments from Chris Shulte on Wind Mitigation Report

Performance of Embedded Gravel Roof Systems in Extreme Wind Loading – UF

Working Draft – Hurricane Mitigation Techniques

Revised Secondary Water Barrier Section (with strikethroughs and underlines of revisions)

Revised Secondary Water Barrier Section (‘clean' document)

Wind Mitigation Manual

Table A104.6 Spacing of Right Angel Gusset Brackets

Hurricane Mitigation Workshop Report