Product Approval ... Helpful Hints

When Uploading PDFs to Product Approval Applications:

Product approval helpful tips

  1. THE PRODUCT APPROVAL APPLICATION – The Product Approval Application consists of three online pages to fill in and a summary.  To start a new application first you must be registered as a manufacturer.  To register as a manufacturer, go to>Product Approval>Submit/Edit an Organization Application>Product Manufacturer>Fill in all contact information.  Once registered as a manufacturer go to Product Approval>Submit a Product Application>New Product.  On the application the required fields are the fields with the blue text.  On page 3 of the application to ensure you are working on the correct subproduct, .1, .2, .3 etc click in the blue and gray chart near the top on the FL number and .1, .2 , or, .3, et to edit that particular subproduct.  Save often and you can always select “Delete this product” near the bottom which will delete the active subproduct.  Or you can hit “cancel” to drop/delete the application.
  2. SUBPRODUCTS ARE SORTED ALPHABETICALLY BY MODEL, NUMBER OR NAME  -The subproducts (ie. 842.1, 842.2, 842.3 etc.) are automatically sorted alphabetically in the system by “Model, Number or Name” fields. To organize them for your applications and your records, we recommend putting an A., B.C etc in front of your model name for example “A. Roof 2000”, “B. Roof 2000”.  This works particularly well if the model names are similar but the limits of use distinguishes them from the others.  Also putting the alphabetic prefixes in as the model number you can use these as placeholders.
  3.  DO NOT USE SYMBOLS IN THE PDF NAME: Avoid all symbols in the pdf file name such as #, (), &, %, *, etc. Use underlines instead of spaces when naming files because, on the web, spaces turn into % signs, which is a symbol. Examples of good file names using underlines for spaces: Model_102L_Installation.pdf , or Cert_Indepen.pdf
    Note: Use of these wildcard symbols could prevent your files from uploading correctly.
  4.  USE INTUITIVE NAMES FOR ALL PDFs: Name the PDF an Intuitive name to the Model(s) it's describing, but keep the name short.

    Note: Too long of names will prevent attachment. A good example for an "intuitive" name is: Series_1123AL_Test Report.pdf
  5.  CHECK YOUR PDF ATTACHMENTS: After uploading pdfs, and payment is made, go to, click Product Approval (on the left) and Product Search tab (top second tab). Either enter your specific application number (FL ####) in the "Application/Seq#" field, or use the drop-down in the "Product Manufacturer" field to select your Product Manufacturer name, and click SEARCH. Scroll down to see the search result. Click on the blue underlined link under "Category" to view your application. Click on the pdf attachments to ensure that they open properly from the remote server.
  6.  CHANGING PDFs ONLINE: To change a PDF that is not displaying properly, log in, search up application number and click on the blue underlined link under "Category" in the search results. Make sure the status is "Applied For" or "Re-Apply". (When a status is "Validated" or "Pending FBC Approval", you cannot edit it without emailing to request the application be set to “Re-Apply” to reset the status for you.) Click "Next" through the page 1, and "Next" again through page 2. On page 3 you will see your uploads. Click the "Delete" button to the right of the upload to remove it, and then re-upload your corrected version. Be sure to check the new upload is viewable to the public.

Please contact our offices should you have any questions and ask for someone in the product approval team at 850-487-1824







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