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Alternative Plans Review and Inspection Forms

Effective October 1, 2002, Florida law authorizes fee owners to elect
to use private providers to review plans and inspect construction for compliance with the Florida Building Code and Local Amendments. Law allows building departments to check plans reviewed by private providers and to inspect construction concurrent with private inspections, but establishes time constraints for such governmental reviews and inspections. Law also requires notification of building departments, at the time of application, for a permit that private providers will be used and the filing of a sworn affadavit(s) by the private provider's plans reviewer(s) stating plans comply with the Code.

The three attached forms were required to be established by the Florida Building Commission for statewide uniformity. Other forms, required by law, are subject to local discretion and must be obtained from the local authority having jurisdiction. There are a number of requirements of law concerning permit application requirements and notification/reporting to the permitting
jurisdiction as well as requirements for building department response. See
section 553.791, Florida Statutes, for requirements.

Private Provider Plan Compliance Form

Job Site Private Provider Identification Form

Notice to Building Officials of Use of Private Provider


Notice of Development of Rule Making