The Florida Building Commission will conduct a public workshop on the next edition of the Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction 1:00 PM, October 11, 2010, at the Gainesville, Florida Hilton Hotel Conference Center.

The public workshop will review the draft next edition of the Florida Accessibility Code and address potential changes to Florida law necessary for certification of Florida’s code by the US Department of Justice.


Background:       Florida law requires the Commission to update the Florida Accessibility Code when the Department of Justice (DOJ) updates the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design (SAD).  DOJ issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking June 8, 2008, and on July 23, 2010 announced Secretary Holder signed final regulations adopting the 2004 ADAAG (ADA Architectural Guidelines) and additional criteria that comprise the SAD.  DOJ will publish the new 28 CFR 35 and 28 CFR 36 regulations in the Federal Register this fall. Parties must start using the new SAD eighteen months after publishing to comply with the ADA and they may begin using the new SAD six months after publishing.

The Florida Building Commission initiated a project February 2009 to integrate Florida requirements established by s.553.501-s.553.513, Florida Statutes, and additional DOJ regulations into the 2004 ADAAG to create a draft next edition of the Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction. A workgroup comprised of representatives of persons with disabilities and industry developed the draft that will be presented for public review.

The goal of the Commission is to amend the Florida Accessibility Code and implement it on or before the date the new DOJ Standards for Accessible Design become mandatory. Changes to Florida law necessary update the Code will be identified and submitted to the Florida Legislature during the 2011 legislative session.