Bill Dumbaugh
2020 Advanced Florida Building Code ( Life Classroom ) FBC 270.0
Course Type* Florida Building Code
  • Instructor Led
  • This one Hour Advanced Florida Building Code Life Course details the specific requirements of the Florida Building Construction standards as required in the Florida Statutes 553 ( part IV )the life course will provide a working knowledge of the Florida Building Code requirements, and its current code changes, once the life course will be completed the student will have the working knowledge of the statute and the application of the code as it applies to the specific discipline.
    Royal Construction School
  • Building – Commercial
  • Building – Residential
  • Existing Building Code
  • Discussion
  • Group Participation
  • Handout Materials
  • Lecture
  • Multimedia
    Course Reference Materials
    Date Attached File
    04/06/2022 925-1-REFERMAT-ADVANCED COURSE SUMM.pdf
    04/06/2022 925-1-REFERMAT-CILB_-_1 HOUR - 2020-Advanced Florida Building Code (5).pdf
    Course Presentation Materials
    Date Attached File
    03/24/2022 925-1-PRESMAT-ADVANCED COURSE 1.pdf
    03/24/2022 925-1-PRESMAT-ADVANCED COURSE 2.pdf
    03/24/2022 925-1-PRESMAT-ADVANCED COURSE 3.pdf
    04/06/2022 925-1-PRESMAT-Continuing Education Couse - 2020 - 1st .pdf
    04/06/2022 925-1-PRESMAT-2020 Continuing Education Course - 2nd -review.pdf