Course Number:          1104.0            


Course Review Checklist:


Courses shall contain the following elements:


ü The course title includes:

o   The code edition, law, or administrative rule to which the course relates 61G20-6.002(4)(a)1., F.A.C. (Syllabus – Page 1)

o   The word “advanced.” 61G20-6.002(4)(a) b., F.A.C. (Syllabus – Page 1)

ü The hours of credit. 61G20-6.002(4)(b), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Page 1)

ü The name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the provider. 61G20-6.002(4)(c), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Page 1)

ü A course description which completely describes what the course is designed to address. 61G20-6.002(4)(d), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Page 1)

ü Course/learning objectives. 61G20-6.002(4)(e), F.A.C. (PowerPoint – Slide 3)

ü Course time allotments for course content. 61G20-6.002(4)(f), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Pages 1-2)

ü Course outline and instructional methods – a detailed description of the course content in the sequence of how it is to be taught and the methods used to teach that content. 61G20-6.002(4)(g), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Pages 1-2)

ü Any course references cited in the outline. 61G20-6.002(4)(i), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Pages 1-2)

ü Method of course evaluation. 61G20-6.002(4)(j), F.A.C. (Syllabus – Page 1)

X   Course certificate of completion. 61G20-6.002(4)(k), F.A.C., Form FBCED 2003-03. The certificate     shall contain: (Certificate posted as a separate document)

o   Course title

o   Course provider’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address

X   The hours of continuing education credit earned by completing the course (Missing)

o   A place for the appropriate licensing board’s course approval number

o   The Florida Building Code edition

ü Minimum of 50% of actual training material content shall be related to the Florida Building Code, Florida Statutes, or rules related to the Florida Building Code. 61G20-6.002(4)(l), F.A.C. (PowerPoint)

ü The course materials shall accurately reflect the Florida Building Code and other topics under the jurisdiction of the Florida Building Commission. 61G20-6.002(4)(m), F.A.C. (PowerPoint)

ü Course presentation materials shall be legible. Form FBCED 2003-03. (PowerPoint)

o   All fonts shall be at least equivalent to 12 pt font  (PowerPoint)

o   If slides are part of the materials, only two slides per page shall be submitted  (PowerPoint)

o   All presentations shall contain a title page or title slide  (PowerPoint)

o   Only one course presentation may be uploaded per course. (PowerPoint)

ü Method of Course Presentation.  Form FBCED 2003-03. (Syllabus – Page 1)

o   At least one method should be selected.