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Offices, restroom and conference area in second floor of Construction company office/warehouse building. First floor existing offices of 2350 SF already built and in use. The second floor build out (1900 SF approx.) is for non-public offices for additional construction company employees including project managers and field superintendents.

Construction Cost:

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$153,083 plus approximately $110,000 for an elevator = $263,083.

*There are two elevator quotes attached for reference with various options. $110,000 for an elevator is the lowest budget number available.

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Our available second floor space is approximately 1900SF, but we discovered through plan review that we can not build out more than 750SF without including an elevator. The entire first floor area is accessible and the proposed second floor will only be used by construction professionals who must also access heavy construction jobsites which have no accessibility requirements. The entire second floor is also for non-public use.

Requirements to be Waived.

9. Requirements requested to be waived. Please reference the applicable section of Florida law. Only Florida-specific accessibility requirements may be waived.

Issue 1: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms  Minimum height in parking structures  Accessible parking
  Vertical accessibility  Toilet rooms
  Private  Other

We would like to have the vertical accessibility requirements waived to the national standards so we can cost effectively build additional office space for our heavy construction employees.
The second floor is considered private space and not for public use. The first floor is accessible and adequate.

Issue 2: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms  Minimum height in parking structures  Accessible parking
  Vertical accessibility  Toilet rooms
  Private  Other Need Additional Space
Issue 3: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms  Minimum height in parking structures  Accessible parking
  Vertical accessibility  Toilet rooms
  Private  Other Need Additional Space

Grounds for waiver.

10. Grounds for Waiver: The Florida Building Commission may grant waivers of Florida-specific accessibility requirements upon a determination of unnecessary, unreasonable or extreme hardship. Please describe how this project meets the following hardship criteria. Explain all that would apply for consideration of granting the waiver.


The entire second floor is for non-public use. The only users of this space are employees who for a majority of their day are on heavy construction jobsites where accessibility accommodations are not required (manholes, excavations, job trailers, dirt/rock environments, steep grades, etc.). If these same people must be able to access jobsites the need for vertical accessibility in these offices is unnecessary and an undue hardship on our business.

Construction costs for this interior build out project are estimated to be $153,000 excluding an elevator. In order to meet Florida vertical accessibility requirements, our maximum allowed area is limited to 750SF. To exceed 750SF area, we must install an elevator. This presents a disproportionate cost increase to SF at an estimated cost of another $110,000. The entire second floor is limited to a maximum buildable area of 1900 SF based on existing conditions, therefore, adding the elevator nearly doubles the cost of this interior office buildout. The employees using this space are heavy highway construction personnel, who must as a part of their daily jobs, access jobsites and jobsite construction trailers, which are not accessible nor are required to be accessible.
Cost Estimates For Compliance:

Licensed Design Professional Comments.

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Attached are the preliminary renovation plans for the Gregori Construction second floor interior office buildout.

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Additional Documentation.

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