FBC Education Administrator Activity Report           March 20, 2023


A. Provided administrative support for FBC Education POC for the January 31st, 2023 meeting


B. Prepared minutes for FBC Education POC January 31st, 2023 meeting


C. Prepared agenda for FBC Education POC meeting scheduled for March 31st, 2023


D. Worked with training providers and accreditors to ensure compliance with Rule 61G20-6.002


E. Checked the BCIS to ensure information is current regarding the FBC Education and Accreditation Program


F. Partially completed a random course audit, of an online Accessibility course. Working on the final report.


G. Conducting a review of the “Education and Accreditation’ portion of the BCIS website. The focus of the review is ease of use, correct information, and updated information. A findings report will be forthcoming.


H. Inquiries addressed from January 18th, 2023 to March 19th, 2023 were as follows:

36 inquiries: 25 telephone; 3 email; 8 phone and email


Category of Inquirers:

4 Accreditors

8 Providers

10 Consumers (Public)

6 Contractors

3 Researchers

1 Manufacturer

3 Architects

1 Interior designer



Types of Inquiries :

11 Advanced Courses


4 Mobile/modular

1 Tiny house


5 Windows

2 Roofing

1 Door

1 New construction

3 Architect license

2 Board of Architecture


Training Funding Available for 2022-2023


Two types of funding: 7-hour program or “minimum 1 hour” program

Reimbursement amount: $23.00 per hour per attendee Available now, ends June 15, 2023

Eligible attendees:

-- Licensed architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, construction contractors, electrical

contractors, or building code administrators or inspectors

-- Home inspectors, mold remediators

--- Must include license number for all categories above

-- Employees in design and construction industries, requires this documentation:

--- Letter from their design/construction licensed employer

--- Copy of certificate of workers’ compensation insurance or exemption


Eligible course topics:

-- Florida Building Code

-- Florida Fire Prevention Code

-- Construction plan and permitting requirements

-- Construction liens

-- Hurricane mitigation


For “minimum 1 hour” program, course requirements:

-- At least 50% must be codes


For 7-hour program, course requirements:

-- At least three (3) hours codes

-- At least two (2) hours advanced codes


For any program, course requirements:

-- Mitigation training for home inspectors must include proctored exam and comply with section 627.711(2), F.S.

-- *Course evaluations are REQUIRED that cover the following:

--- Satisfaction with instructor

--- Satisfaction with course materials

--- Satisfaction with conduct of the training

--- Ask whether “highly satisfied” “satisfied” “not satisfied” for each above


Must enter into an agreement before submitting for grant funds, must verify availability of funds first.


Documentation required (failure to submit is a 5% penalty):


-- Advertisement (must be approved in advance)

-- Sign in sheets as acceptable for each licensing board

-- Separate sign in sheets for licensees and non-licensed employees

-- Non-licensed employee sign in sheets must include type of proof submitted

-- *Copy of course evaluation for each attendee


*Failure to demonstrate that 75% or more of trainees were satisfied or highly satisfied with the course instructor will result in a 1% penalty for each 5% increment or portion thereof that the percentage of satisfied trainees fall below 75%.


E-mail Cam Fentriss at basfgrant@gmail.com if interested and for more information.