January 24, 2011

1:00 pm -1:48 pm



Code: 1967168


Room 210L

2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100

(850) 487-1824


Ø   To Consider Regular Procedural Issues:  Approval of Agenda and Previous Meetings Minutes
 Ø    To Consider Declaratory Statements
Ø      To Consider Committee and Public Comments


Technical Advisory Committee members present: Christopher Schulte, Chairman

Lorraine Ross, Karen Warseck, James Buckner, Charles Goldsmith, Mark Zehnal, Bob Boyer.


1.      Called to Order- The TAC reviewed/approved the agenda and November Minutes as modified.  The minutes were approved as modified to remove Lorraine Ross and Larry Schmidt who were not in attendance.


2.  The TAC reviewed and provided recommendations to the Commission on the requests for declaratory statements as follows:


DCA10-DEC-243 by Timothy Graboski of Tim Graboski Roofing Inc.


TAC Action: The TAC recommended that the petition be dismissed.  The Petitioner’s question was not clear.  


DCA10-DEC-247 by Timothy Graboski of Tim Graboski Roofing Inc.


TAC Action:

Question: For the project in question and in accordance with FBC Section 1504.3 and Section 1504.3.1, is it acceptable to use a “self-adhering” cap sheet that does not have a “Structural Uplift Resistance Rating”?

Answer:  According to Sections 1507.3.3 and 1507.3.8, the use and the application of the tile systems including the cap sheet shall be in accordance with the tile manufacturer’s installation instruction (i.e. the roof tile manufacturer’s product approval) or recommendations of the FRSA/TRI 07320. 

3:  With no further business adjourned at 1:48 pm


Note:  This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request.  Contact the Department of Community Affairs, 2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-2100 or call (850) 487-1824.

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