Session Issues with Web Applications

Using multiple tabs in a website such as can cause the server to lose track of what you are working on. We use cookies to track your actions on the site, remember your login information, keep track of what you searched for, and various other things. We don't record this information at all, but we need to keep it around as long as you are on the site.

When you open a separate tab in a capable browser, it uses the same set of cookies as the first tab. This can cause problems for sites like

Problems caused by Tabbed-Browsing

The main problem with using multiple tabs to browse this site is that the server can't keep track of what you are doing in both windows. This causes problems when you are trying to work on one item in one tab while viewing another item in a different tab. The server can't keep straight which one you are working on, and often this causes problems when trying to save information.


The simplest way to work around this limitation is to open a completely different browser window if you need to have multiple instances of open at the same time.

To make sure you are running in a completely separate window, always open a new web browser by clicking on the icon from your Desktop, Start Menu, or whatever other mechanism you would normally follow to open your first browser window.

Don't use the File-->New Window or Tab features of your browser with