61G20-2.007 Binding Interpretations of the Florida Building Code, Forms Adopted.

(1) Petitions for binding interpretations of the Florida Building Code shall be made through the Building Code Information System on the Internet in accordance with the provisions of Section 553.775, F.S.

(2) A fee of $250 shall be paid by petitioner by credit card or electronic check upon such submission to cover processing costs.

(3) The following form is adopted for use in conjunction with issuance of a binding interpretation: Florida Building Commission, Petition for Binding Interpretation, Form No. 9N-2.007(1), November, 2005 (electronic version).

(4) The petitioner shall print two (2) completed petitions for submittal to the enforcement agency that rendered the decision that is the subject of the petition. The enforcement agency shall stamp each of the petitions submitted with the time and date of receipt, retain one copy and return one to the petitioner, who shall retain the stamped petition for submittal in the event that receipt of the petition or the time thereof become material to the dispute.

(5) Within 5 working days after receipt, the local building official shall respond to the petition through the Building Code Information System, or in writing, including statements 1) admitting or denying the statements contained in the petition, 2) of the interpretation of the provisions of the Florida Building Code deemed correct by the local building official or jurisdiction, and 3) containing the basis for the interpretation, and shall return the petition with his or her response to the petitioner. The petitioner may file the petition with the Commission at any time after it is returned to him or her, or after 10 days if the local building official has not responded. The Commission shall immediately publish the petition online on the Building Code Information System, accept online comments from interested parties for a period of seven calendar days, and provide copies of the petition to a panel. The panel shall conduct proceedings as necessary to resolve the issue, considering the petitionerís arguments, the building officialís response and comments made on the petition, and shall issue an interpretation within 21 days of the petitionís submittal, based either on code language or the intent of the code. The 21 days may be waived only upon consent of all parties. The interpretation shall be provided to the Commission, which shall post it online on the Building Code Information System and in the Florida Administrative Weekly. The interpretation shall be binding to all parties and all jurisdictions subject to the code unless it is superseded by a declaratory statement issued by the Florida Building Commission or by a final order entered after an appeal proceeding conducted. Appeals to interpretations shall be filed within 30 days of issuance of an interpretation and shall be conducted in accordance with Chapter 120, F.S., and the uniform rules of procedure.

(6) The interpretation rendered by the panel of building code administrators shall become final upon the earlier of the resolution of any appeal of that interpretation before the Florida Building Commission or the expiration of the time period in which to initiate such appeal.

Rulemaking Authority 553.775 FS. Law Implemented 553.775(3)(c) FS. HistoryĖNew 2-28-06, Formerly 9B-3.055, 9N-2.007.