To All Interested Parties:

RE:      Proposed Code Modifications to the 2013 Florida Building Code.

This is to inform you that the proposed code amendment cycle to the 2013 update to the Florida Building Code will commence July 1, 2012 and will close by midnight August 1, 2012.  The draft 2013 update to the Florida Building Code (FBC) consists of the 2012 International Building Codes (I-Codes) as the foundation and the Florida specific amendments which consists of the state agency regulations and High Velocity Hurricane Zone wind standards that are currently existing within the 2010 Florida Building Code and compiled in documents titled “Florida Supplements to the 2012 I-Codes”.  The 2012 I-Codes and Florida supplements are available from the link below.

Florida law was amended in 2011 to eliminate the automatic re-adoption of existing Florida specific amendments into new editions of the FBC. Now, all Florida specific amendments, other than state agency regulations and High Velocity Hurricane Zones wind standards, must be approved through the same process as newly proposed amendments each time the FBC is updated to a new edition.  For more information regarding the process for the 2013 update to the FBC, please review the Commission’s approved plan “Code Process/Power Point Presentation” for considering existing/current Florida Building Code amendments during the 2013 FBC update proceedings available from the link below.

Florida specific amendments of the 2010 FBC, other than the state agency regulations and High Velocity Hurricane Zones, are available from the 2010 Florida Supplement to the 2009 I-Codes available from the link below.

Proposed code modifications are accepted electronically via the website.  All of the information and the steps necessary to submit a modification is done on-line at through the code modification database. To further familiarize yourself with the modification process, we advise that you take the time to review the list of “Question & Answers” and the “Users Guide” which will be available shortly at the following link:

In order to submit a code change to the 2013 FBC, you must use as a base text for your code change, the 2012 I-Codes and the Florida supplements to the 2012 I-Codes available at the link below:

After reviewing both the 2012 I-Codes and Florida Supplements to the 2012 I- Codes, cut the text of concern and revise as appropriate using legislative format for drafting your proposed code change. 

Instructions for submitting a proposed code modification is available from the “Users Guide” stated above. 

Should you have any questions, please call us at 850-487-1824.  Thank you very much for your work in the development of the 2013 Florida Building Code.

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Mo Madani
Building Codes and Standards Office