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On-Line Payments ...

After clicking on Enter Surcharges, You MUST CLICK "NEW" at the top of the page. This will give you the surcharge form. You will then click in the dropdown on "I"and pick the quarter you need to complete.

On-Line Payments - General:

While buying on-line, when the purchase is successful you will see a receipt of purchase on the screen showing the item purchased, price and date of purchase. This is the only time you will see this, so please print this receipt, while it's displayed, for your permanent records.

If you do not see the receipt and the site seems frozen, you are not reaching the server. Please do not try to purchase again until you've called DBPR staff at 850-487-1824 to report the error you are receiving.

Credits back to your account may take between 10 - 30 days. To request a credit, please contact Barbara Bryant at (850) 922-1866.

Florida Building Code Orders:

Please Note: This site will allow you to place your order with the International Code Council (ICC), but your materials are NOT shipped from this office. Please call ICC at 800-786-4452 to check on shipping status, or to cancel the order. To cancel the order, you must first cancel with ICC at the number above.

Credit Card Payment:

Note: Building Permit Surcharge payments may currently be paid with American Express, Discover or Master Card credit cards only. When paying on this site be sure to only enter and submit your Credit Card number ONE (1) time. If you get an error instead of a receipt, or the web page hangs up and doesn't seem to be processing the order, please do not try to enter the Credit Card number again. Contact DBPR staff at 850-487-1824.

This website no longer accepts VISA for payment for Insignias, Code Orders, Training Material Orders, CE Entry, Surcharge payments, Organization Registration, or Product submittal. For the above we accept Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Electronic Checks.

Electronic Check Payment:

When paying by electronic check, please double-check the routing number you have entered for accuracy. This will enable electronic checks to process successfully. When you choose to pay by electronic check, a diagram will pop up indicating where to find the Account Number, Routing Number, etc.

Note: If you are a Government entity, and wish to pay by electronic check, and you have an anti-fraud block, please call your bank and notify them that you intend to make on-line check payments to the state of Florida so that they can set your account up to do so. If you are a private company, no pre-setup arrangement needs to be made with your bank.

Paper Check Payment:

As of January 1, 2005, paper checks are longer be allowed for Surcharges, municipalities are REQUIRED to pay by electronic check ONLY. This is an ACH process, much like you already pay online to other state agencies.



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