Product Approval ... Application Deadline Dates

1 Completion Deadline -   Four weeks prior to Commission meeting.    Product Approval applications must be submitted, validated , and reviewed by the Administrator and re-validated if needed by this deadline date NOTE: To allow time for preliminary review by the Administrator, you should submit your application five days in advance of the deadline. However, there should be no reasonable expectation that the application will be placed on the consent agenda with an approval recommendation, by simply meeting this time suggestion. Recommendation for approval by the Administrator must be completed within seven days after the deadline. Under this system no specific validation deadline is set.  There will be no more Administrator recommendations for Conditional Approval or Deferral. However, an application may receive a Product Approval Program Oversight Committee/Florida Building Commission recommendation other than “Approved” at the meeting.

This process will allow for greater application review and discussion time. If an applicant does not respond and any deficiencies are not rectified, the application will be incomplete and will not be considered at this meeting.  Incomplete applications can be eligible for consideration at the subsequent meeting if completed. 

2 Public comment report – Three weeks prior to meeting date, 7 days after Completion Deadline, public comments will be solicited on all applications recommended for approval by the administrator .  All public comments and concerns must be written clearly and substantiated using technical documentation (i.e. Building Code sections, compliance reports, standards, etc.). Comments must be emailed to the Product Approval Administrator ( ted@tedbermanllc.com ) by the public comment deadline to be considered by the Administrator . The administrator's initial recommendations for approval are subject to change based on public comments.  Final recommendations and responses will be posted on the website one week prior to the Commission meeting.

3 Public comment deadline – Eight days after initial report is posted, 7 days prior to meeting. 

4 Final Report Posted – 1 week prior to the meeting the Administrator posts final recommendations for approval along with a response tothe public comments.

Product Approval Application Process

Submitting Product Applications for State approval is an entirely on-line process.

After registration as a new user, see "Support" box on the right, click on the Product Approval button on the left, and then click on "Product Application" tab at the top of the page. Complete your application online, attaching Adobe pdf files for all technical documents, as requested.

After Payment is Made, applications can be viewed under Product Search

After payment, the application may be accessed from the Product Search tab. Search by Product Manufacturer name or by specific FL # .

Certificate of Independence

Important Notice: For both Evaluation Methods and the Testing Method, applicants must attach a "Certification of Independence" to their application. Please DO NOT mail these into DCA staff. These must be attached to the application in PDF format at the "Evaluation/Test Reports Uploaded" field.





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