Teleconference Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2009
at 1:30 pm
Concurrent with the Electrical TAC

Code Administration Members Present : Herminio Gonzalez - Chairman , Randy Vann, Hamid Bahadori, John Scherer, John O'Connor, Bob Boyer, and Bill Dumbaugh, Dick Browdy.

Members Absent: Tim Tolbert, Nicholas Nicholson.

Staff Present: Mo Madani, Rick Dixon, Bruce Ketcham, Jim Richmond, Marlita Peters.

Guests Present: Joe Belcher JDB, Doug Harvey BOAF, Jeff Blair - Facilitator.

1. Call to Order-review/approve agenda and October minutes.

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. Roll call was taken and a quorum was present. First order of business was to approve the agenda as presented. Unanimous vote of approval with no changes. Next the minutes from the previous meeting (teleconference) held July 5, 2009 were approved by a unanimous vote with no changes.

2 . Declaratory Statement DCA09-DEC-351 - this item was taken up concurrently with the Electrical TAC

Petitioner, Joe Belcher, presented to the committees, a request for declaratory statement which requests

clarification regarding the prospective application of Section 102.1 and 102.4 as they relate to the installation of

receptacle outlets in Category I, II, and III sunrooms as specified by the Florida Building Code and AAMA


Staff provided a full analysis and the TAC discussed the request taking the following action:


DCA09-DEC-351 by Joseph Belcher, Code Consultant

Admin TAC: Vote: 6/2


Question: In the case of sunrooms attached to single family dwellings, do the provisions of AAMA 2100 related to receptacle outlets prevail?


Answer: Yes. AAMA 2100 is more specific than NFPA 70 with regard to the definition of sunrooms and the placement of receptacle outlets, and therefore in according to Section 102.1 of the FBC, Building, AAMA 2100's provisions prevail over NFPA 70 with regard to the subject in question.


3. Review and provide recommendations to the Commission on overlapping Florida-specific existing building code as integrated into the 2009 International Existing Building Code.

Having previously reviewed all related documentation and holding a brief discussion, Motion was made to accept the recommendations provided by staff to use Chapter 14 of the 2009 International Existing Building Code as the base chapter for the 2010 FBC, Existing.


Vote taken: Motion passed unanimously.

No public comments were made.

4. Any new business.  

No new business was presented.

5.   Adjourn.  


Meeting adjourned at 2:26 p.m.

Prepared by the Florida Department of Community Affairs
Codes and Standards Office
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