Florida Building Commission

technical advisory chairpersons

Hilton Carillon Park

950 Lake Carillon Drive

St. Petersburg, florida  33716

TUESDAY, October 15, 2019

7:15 a.m.


          Technical Advisory Committees’ ChairPErsons:


Acting Chairman/FBC                                                        James Schock

Accessibility                                                                          Jeffrey Gross

Code Administration                                                            Shane Gerwig

Structural                                                                               James Schock

Fire                                                                                         Hamid Bahadori

Electrical                                                                               Vacant

Energy                                                                                   Drew Smith

Mechanical                                                                            Vacant

Plumbing                                                                               Frederick Schilling

Roofing                                                                                  Brian Swope

Special Occupancy                                                               Don Whitehead

Swimming Pool                                                                     James Batts



Meeting Objectives

Ø  Approve Agenda

Ø  Approve Minutes and Facilitators Report August 14, 2018

Ø  To Consider and decide on proposed research projects for FY 2019-2020.


7:15 a.m.


Welcome and Introductions



Roll Call



Review and Approval of the Meeting Agenda



Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes and Facilitators Report August 14, 2018



Consider and decide on proposed research projects for FY 2019-2020.

Structural TAC Minutes from September 25, 2019

Ranking as per the Structural TAC

1) Wind- Driven Rain Tests of Building Envelope Systems up to Hurricane-Strength Wind-Driven Rain Intensity- UF David Prevatt

2) Experimental Evaluation of Pressure Equalization Factors and Wind Resistance of Vinyl Siding Systems Using a Multi-Chamber Pressure Test Bed - David Prevatt

3) Hurricane Michael Data Enhancement (Phase II), Performance of Modular Houses and Review of FEMA Recovery Advisory -UF - David Prevatt



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