Florida Building Commission

Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2013


Meeting Location: Via Teleconference and Webinar

Codes and Standards Office

1940 N. Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399


TAC/POC Members and Objectives

Voting members present via Teleconference:Rafael Palacios, Chair; Larry Banks; Joe Crum; Jim Cummings; Elizabeth Goll; Dan Griffin; Gary Griffin; Oscar Calleja.

Staff members present: Mo Madani, April Hammonds, Ann Stanton, Ken Cureton.



ō To Approve the Agenda and Minutes of the 8/2/13 meeting

ō To review and make recommendations on DEC statement request DS2013-065.



Meeting Minutes


Discussion of objectives included the following:



10 A.M. Welcome and opening, roll call. Review and approve meeting agenda and minutes of the 8/2/13 meeting minutes.

A quorum was achieved with 8 of 10 TAC members present.

The agenda was moved by Crum, seconded by Goll, and unanimously approved.

Minutes of the 8/2/13 Mechanical TAC meeting were approved unanimously on a motion made by Palacios, seconded by Crum.


Review and provide recommendations on DEC statement request DS 2013-065 by Allen Gezelman, P.E..


Proponent was not present. Mo Madani summarized the staff analysis of DS 2013-065, including the question of whether solar systems certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center have to undergo review by the authority having jurisdiction.


Madani provided the staff analysis, stating that there was no case provided in the DEC request, so no facts and circumstances were available. Hammond added that there were no legally sufficient grounds on which to provide an answer to proponentís question because the rules that govern DEC requests require case specifics and do not allow general questions. Crum asked whether proponent had been informed of the meeting; Madani responded that yes, he had, and had been provided with a copy of the staff analysis. Crum asked whether staff could have dealt with the DEC request without going to the TAC; Hammond responded in the negative.


On a motion from Crum, seconded by Banks, the TAC voted 8-0 to recommend the following answer to proponentís question to the Florida Building Commission:


To the question, Does the Florida Building Commission agree that FSEC-approved & labeled solar panels mounted above a continuous, code-compliant roof covering with an air gap in between shall be exempt from additional AHJ requirements which might flow from Florida Building Code Sections Residential M1307.2.1 and Mechanical 301.12?, the answer is that there is insufficient information on which to base a response.DS 2013-065 should be dismissed from lack of information on which to base a decision.††



The meeting was adjourned at 10:12 am.


Staff Contacts: Ann Stanton, ann.stanton@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1834; Ken Cureton, ken.cureon@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1828; Mo Madani, mo.madani@myfloridalicense.com,

(850) 717-1825.

Teleconference Process/Etiquette URL: http://www.floridabuilding.org/fbc/meetings/1_meetings.htm


Note: This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request. Contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399 or call 850-487-1824.