Code Administration Technical Advisory Committee 

Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2009

3:01 P.M.

Public point of access: Room 210L
Department of Community Affairs

Building Codes and Standards

2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100


Code Administration TAC Attendees: Herminio Gonzalez; Chairman, Randy Vann, Hamid Bahadori, John Scherer, John O'Connor, Bob Boyer, and Harry “Rusty” Carroll-alternate for Bill Dunbaugh.

Staff Attendees: Mo Madani, Rick Dixon, Jim Richmond, Marlita Peters

Guests: Jeff Blair; facilitator, Patty Tassinari; paralegal for Greenberg Traurig, Tracy Brown; court reporter, Jim Schock.

1. Call to Order- Roll Call – Quorum confirmed.

2. Reviewed and approved agenda and July minutes with no corrections or changes.

2. Reviewed and provided recommendations to the Commission on the request for declaratory statement:

DCA-DEC-259 by Robert S. Fine Counsel for Malibu Lodging Investments, LLC.

Mo Madani read the Staff Analysis for the record regarding DCA09-DEC-259 and attorney, Robert Fine, presented his case providing a response to the staff analysis.

TAC Action:

John O’Connor moved the following answers to DCA09-DEC-259 and seconded by Rusty Carroll.  The answers were approved 5/1.


Question 1: Does the installation of lightweight material (such as vinyl mesh) murals on the

exterior of existing buildings, where the material does not encroach the

public right-of-way, require a building permit as might otherwise be required

by under Section 105.1 of the FBC (2004 and 2007 editions)?”

Answer: Yes. According to Section 403 of the Florida Building Code, Existing Building

and Section 3107 of the Florida Building Code, Building the level of work

described falls within the scope of the Florida Building Code “regulated by the

Code” and for that a building permit would be required.

Question 2: If the answer to question (1) above is in the affirmative, then, on an

existing building which had a mural as described in question (1) above

installed prior to the original effective date of the Florida Building Code

(i.e. the 2001 edition), would the lowering and then re-hanging the mural

material to the existing fasteners periodically for maintenance purposes

(or, for example, during hurricane warning through the passing of the

storm periods) constitute a repair or an alteration under FBC Existing

Building Volume (2007 edition) (FBC-EB)?

Answer: The level of work in question is specific to an existing installation

which falls outside the scope of the Declaratory Statement process.

The Declaratory Statement process is limited in scope to future projects.

Question 3: Regarding the scenarios set forth in questions (1) and (2) above, would the

vinyl murals described in questions (2) and (3) above be considered

structural elements” for the purpose of FBC –EB?

Answer: Yes. The product in question will impose additional dead load (gravity

load due to the weight of all materials) which has to be supported by the

existing building and transferred to the structural members of the existing building.

3. New business.  





Prepared by the Florida Department of Community Affairs
Codes and Standards Office
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