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Advanced Building Code - Florida Building Code, Building Summary (Internet)
Course Type* Florida Building Code
  • Online
  • This course is designed to provide knowledge of the changes in the Florida Building Code to all design professionals, contractors and all construction professionals. The course will provide participants with one hour of advanced training on the Florida building code, building summary. The course will be delivered interactively over the internet and the duration will be (1) 60-minute interactive internet hour, that includes (1) advance building code.
    Nodorah Training Institute
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  • Computer/Internet
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    05/07/2020 958-0-SYLLABUS-Course Syllabus-Internet.pdf
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    05/07/2020 958-0-MATERIAL-Advanced-FBC- BLDG-Summary-Internet.pdf
    05/07/2020 958-0-MATERIAL-Quiz.pdf
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    05/07/2020 958-0-OUTLINE-Course Syllabus-Internet.pdf
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    05/07/2020 958-0-TIMELINE-Course Syllabus-Internet.pdf
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    05/07/2020 958-0-OBJECTIVES-Course Syllabus-Internet.pdf