2020 Permits, Plans, Inspections, and Occupancy Classification Advanced Module
Course Type* Florida Building Code
  • Instructor Led
  • This course is intended to educate the participant on the requirements, process, and conditions for the approval of construction permits and construction documents for a building. The course will also cover the inspection requirements for the type of work being performed and the occupancy classification of a building or structure in accordance with the 2020 Florida Building Code 7th Edition.
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  • Administration
  • Building – Commercial
  • Building – Residential
  • Class A Air Conditioning
  • Class B Air Conditioning
  • Class C Air Conditioning
  • Electrical - Commercial
  • Electrical - Residential
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Solar
  • Handout Materials
  • Lecture
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    07/06/2020 701-2-SYLLABUS-2020 FBC Syllabus.pdf
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    07/06/2020 701-2-MATERIAL-2020 FBC Course Material.pdf
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    07/06/2020 701-2-OUTLINE-2020 FBC Outline and Timeline.pdf
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    07/06/2020 701-2-TIMELINE-2020 FBC Outline and Timeline.pdf
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    07/06/2020 701-2-OBJECTIVES-2020 FBC Objectives.pdf