Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee

Concurrent with the Energy Technical Advisory Committee


Teleconferenced Meeting

June 4, 2013



The meeting was convened by Chair Rafael Palacios at 10:15 a.m. after a quorum was achieved. The following voting members were present:  Rafael Palacios, Dan Griffin, Oscar Calleja, Elizabeth Goll, Gary Griffin, Don Pittman and Jim Cummings.  Staff support was provided by Mo Madani, Ann Stanton, April Hammond and Jim Richmond. The meeting was facilitated by Ken Cureton.

Meeting Objectives:


1.                  To approve the Agenda and the Minutes of the 1/11/2013 meeting.

2.                  To discuss and provide recommendations on declaratory statement DS2013-036.


Actions Taken:

  1. On a motion by Pittman seconded by Goll, the TAC unanimously approved the agenda for the meeting. On a motion by Pittman seconded by Quintela, the TAC unanimously approved the minutes of the January 11, 2013 meeting.  

2.      Petitioner Jack Glenn of the Florida Home Builders Association, acting on behalf of Dream Custom Homes, Inc., described a conflict between Section 402.4.3 of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, and Section 903 of the Florida Building Code, Mechanical. Compliance with the FBC-EC will create a violation of the UL 127 listing as prescribed in FBC-M Section 903. According to information provided by Underwriters Laboratories, the installation of “gaskets” on factory- built fireplaces that are listed in accordance with UL 127 (Factory Built Fireplaces) will negate the approval shown by the listing. Glenn withdrew questions 2 and 3. Stanton provided the staff analysis and recommendation. On a motion by Fairey seconded by Cochell, the TAC unanimously approved the staff recommendation as follows:  To the question, “If the installation of gaskets as required in the FBC-EC has the effect of invaliding the listing of the factory-built fireplaces should the requirement of FBC-M for tight fitting doors be the correct action during inspection?” the answer is YES, factory-built fireplaces listed and labeled in accordance  with UL 127 shall be configured in accordance with their listing and need not meet the more general requirement for gasketed doors for new fireplaces in Section 402.4.3 of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation so as to not void their approval and/or cause an unsafe condition.

3.      The meeting was adjourned unanimously on a motion by Pittman seconded Chair Palacios at 10:30 a.m.