Meeting Minutes

Thursday August 1, 2013

2:30 P.M. – 2:57


TAC Members and Objectives

TAC Members Present: Chair Robert G. Boyer, Mike Robbins, Gary Kozan, Jim Bickford, Robert Trumbower, Joseph Kajak,  and George Seiler

TAC Members not Present: Ken Gregory and Gary Duren

Objectives: To discuss and recommend potential research topics for consideration by the Commission and to review comments related to the 2013 update to the FBC.


Meeting Minutes


Discussion of objectives included the following: 



Reviewed and Approved Meeting Agenda.



Approved minutes from June 14, 2013 meeting


Discussed potential research topic for consideration by the Commission submitted by George Seiler.   Mr. Seiler proposed that the Commission funds research with regard to the use of plastic vent stacks for plumbing as changed the lighting protection typically provided to homes as these in the past acted like a lighting prevention system.  The plumbing TAC has led the nation in swimming pool safety and now the national codes are finally coming on board, let us fund research in this area to further improve pool safety.
The TAC discussed Mr. Seiler’s request and determined that this subject of research is not warranted and to this fact, Robert Trumbower made a motion in support of the suggested research and Gary Kozan seconded  the motion with a 6 – 1 vote not in
support of the motion.


To review comments related to the 2013 Update to the FBC for the purpose of making recommendation(s) for consideration by the Commission during the Rule Development Workshop on Rule 61G20-1.001, F.A.C. to be held in conjunction with the
August 22-23, 2013 Commission meeting.   The TAC reviewed two proposed Glitch Fix code change modifications and took action
as to their disposition.  One mod “P1” was found to not meet the Glitch criteria with a 2–5 vote and the 2nd mod “FG1” was approved as submitted with a unanimous vote.  The TAC Tracking Sheet for the comments is made part of these minutes by reference.


Public Comment – None


Member Comment - None


Adjourn 2:57


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