9 June, 2014
  2:00 P.M.
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  Members: Jack Humburg, Barbara Page, William S. Riha,Linda Parnell, James Woolyhand, Bob Gerwe
1 Call to Order.

Review of Minutes of April 7, 2014 Meeting.

3 Review of Applications for Waivers from Accessibility Requirements.
1 High Reach 2 Office and Maintenance Facility
260 Hickman Road, Sanford
Staff Analysis Application
2 Boathouse Restaurant
49 S. W. Seminole Street, Stuart
Staff Analysis Application
3 Madame Tussaud’s
8387 International Drive, Orlando
Staff Analysis Application
4 Zed Holdings Warehouse
3564 Plover Avenue, Naples
Staff Analysis Application
5 Renovations to 904 Margaret Street
904 Margaret Street, Jacksonville
Staff Analysis Application
6 Kappa Delta Sorority
555 West Jefferson Street, Tallahassee
Staff Analysis Application
4 Public Comment.
5 Adjourn.