Florida Building Commission

Energy Technical Advisory Committee

To be Held Concurrent with the

Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee




June 4, 2013

10 a.m. until close of business


Teleconference Meeting from Tallahassee, Florida

Call-In Number: 1-888-808-6959; Code: 606-232-6940


Webinar: Go to

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TAC/POC Members and Objectives

Voting members: Dale Greiner, Chair; Ron Bailey; Brent Caldwell; Bob Cochell;

Philip Fairey; Jan Geyselaers; Larry Maxwell; Rafael Palacios; Roger Sanders; Drew Smith;

David Wojcieszak.

Objective 1 To Approve the Agenda and the Minutes of the 1/17/2013 meeting.

Objective 2 Discuss and provide recommendations on declaratory statement DS2013-036.

Objective 3 Discuss and provide recommendations on declaratory statement DS2013-028.

Objective 4 Any other business.

Objective 5 Adjourn


Meeting Agenda


Review of objectives will include the following: Description of issue, discussion by TAC, public comment, TAC action



Welcome and Opening, Roll Call, Review and Approval of Meeting Agenda,

Review and approval of January 17, 2013, meeting minutes


To discuss and provide recommendations to the Commission on DS2013-036, by Jack Glenn concerning gasketing around fireplaces. DS2013-036-Amended Staff Analysis


To discuss and provide recommendations to the Commission on DS2013-028 by Philip Sergeant of Encoders, Inc. concerning master switch controls on lighting in hotels and motels. Staff Analysis


Any other business.



Staff Contacts: Ann Stanton, ann.stanton@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1834; Ken Cureton, ken.cureton@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1828; Mo Madani, Manager, mo.madani@myfloridalicense.com, (850) 717-1825.


Note: This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request. Contact the Codes and Standards Office, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 1940 N Monroe Street, Ste. 90, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-6506 or call 850-487-1824.