Florida Building Commission

Education POC Minutes

April 8, 2013

St. Augustine, Florida

Meeting Information
Date: Monday, April 8, 2013
Time: 10:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Meeting Site: World Golf Village

Renaissance Hotel
500 S. Legacy Tr.

St. Augustine, Florida 32092

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Education POC Meeting Minutes— January 28, 2013

All Agenda Times—Including Adjournment—Are Approximate and Subject to Change

10:05 a.m. EST


Welcome and Opening, Roll Call

POC Members Present:  Nan Dean, Chair, Jeffrey Stone PhD, Herminio Gonzalez, Drew Smith, Kevin Flanagan, Jon Hamrick

POC Member(s) Absent: Ken Gregory

Meeting Attendees Identified:

Cam Fentriss              Michael Clark, Facilitator

Ila Jones                     April Hammonds

Mo Madani                Chris Burgwald

Jim Richmond            Jim Hammers

William Marshall




Review and approval of the April 8, 2013 meeting Agenda

Motion: To approve as submitted

Motion: Drew Smith

Second: Herminio Gonzalez

Approved Unanimously




Review and approval of April 2, 2013 meeting Minutes

Motion: To approve as submitted

Motion: Herminio Gonzalez

Second: Jeffrey Stone

Approved Unanimously




BCIS Operations

Michael Clark provided background on current POC information and introduced William Marshall, ISCF-BCIS.  Mr. Clark stated the reason for the meeting is the accreditation process with Mr. Marshall providing presentation on enhancements to the BCIS system and to gain input from the trainers and providers.



Pending advanced courses

Mr. Clark advised there are no pending advanced courses at this time



Information and processes useful to both providers and Accreditors

Mr. Clark provided objectives for participants via PowerPoint presentation, clearly defining the accreditation process and Trainer/Accreditor responsibilities.

There was a visual aid provided revealing the exact steps required for Advanced Course accreditation process.

Mr. Clark outlined the process of how courses are entered into the BCIS system.  Definitions were provided for the Advanced Course categories.  CE course review process was given along with course content and criteria required.

Mr. Clark advised that once the prior information was provided the accreditation process is completed.

Information was provided on how course materials can be modified and the steps to accomplish the modifications.

Mr. Clark clearly defined the difference between a course that is accredited and one that is submitted.

ED POC review and approval was explained to the group with the most common oversights identified by the ED POC.

Mr. Clark advised the final stage of course review by the FBC and the process used.

Course Providers can submit course approval to DBPR Professional Boards when approval from FBC has been received.  Mr. Clark advised that the Boards approve according to their own criteria and must be registered with each board.

Provider and Accreditor responsibilities were outline by Mr. Clark.



Questions/Public Input:

Ellen Sakamoto asked if courses have to be re-submitted if there are changes made to the content based on the code changes from 2010 to 2013.

Ms. Fentriss advised that when changing a course, it may in circumstance constitute a new program; however this is no percentage of change listed.  It was her advice that if the content of the program changes it would be considered a new course.

John Farnelli opened discussion on Internet Courses.  Commissioner Hamrick, Commissioner Stone spoke about being able to see exactly what a participant would see in a class.  There was discussion on information listed that was not worthy of course approval and inconsistencies should be noted.  There was further discussion on whether a rule could be drafted to clarify what is expected. April Hammonds, Legal Counsel advised the rule does currently provide the information needed.  Ms. Fentriss quoted subsection 4 & L provide language.

Commissioner Gonzalez spoke about the fact that he feels that 50% of some courses are selling products and not including the Building Code information.

Ms. Sakamoto stated that a lot of the providers are worried about infringing on the copy rights of the Code.  Ms. Hammonds explained the difference of copy write and using the Code as content in a course and the need to provide where the information was obtained.

Commissioner Stone questioned periods of time when changes can be submitted and when they would show available for change.  Mr. Marshall provide on screen change process.  Mr. Clark provided time periods encouraged and required for changes.  Mr. Madani advised of publishing requirements.  Ms. Hammonds advised rules are clear on deadlines for submissions.  She also explained that the Accreditor should understand their responsibilities and advised the POC’s input and actions allowed when catching mistakes.

Discussion followed with the POC John Farinelli discussed the small group of accreditors and the fact that he is a provider and Accreditor and cannot approve his own programs.

April Hammonds, Legal Counsel advised all providers/accreditors should avoid cross accreditation.  She further explained that mutual relationships can sometimes give an appearance of impropriety.  Ms. Hammonds advised Standard Business practices should always be followed.

Gene Jarvis, General Contractor, stated he was encountering issues with finding accreditors.  He explained his issues and asked the POC how to submit when he cannot get and Accreditor to review his course.

Mr. Farinelli suggested all providers should make sure Accreditor is in good standing and to check their background as well as individual credentials.

Lisa Pate asked if list of accreditors is available.

Mr. Marshall advised they are on BCIS by subject.

Presentation of BCIS enhancements

William Marshall provided an online presentation of BCIS and the process to make it simpler for providers by breaking courses into steps for entry into system.  Mr. Marshall provided an onscreen walk through of each step and all updates to the system.

Mr. Marshall advised the current format being used in PDF.  Commissioner Hamrick asked about uploading and the fact that most Internet Courses are HTML and the ability to link to course through BCIS.  Discussion followed on topic.

Gary Brevoort stated these presentations were very helpful to all parties.



ED POC Member Comments:

Discussion was held with Commissioner Stone, Hamrick and Flanagan regarding errors, typos etc verses course content when looking at courses.



Public Comment:

There was no further public comment




11:36 am