May 14, 2013




Dick Browdy, Chairman                                             Ken Gregory

Bob Boyer                                                                   Dale Greiner

Nanette (Nan) Dean                                                    Jon Hamrick

Kevin Flanagan                                                           Jeff Stone

Charles Frank                                                              Tim Tolbert

Herminio Gonzalez                                                                




Hamid Bahadori                                                         John Scherer

Oscar L. Calleja                                                          Brad Schiffer

Jeff Gross                                                                    James Schock

Beth Meyer                                                                 Drew Smith

Rafael Palacios                                                            Brian Swope




Jim Richmond                                                             Jeff Blair, Facilitator

April Hammonds                                                        Kathleen Brown-Blake

Mary Kathryn Smith                                                   Chris Burgwald

Jim Hammers                                                              Patrick Spook





Jeff Blair addressed the Commission stating that the purpose of this meeting is to have a workshop on Rule 61G20-4.001, Accessibility Waiver Fees.


Jeff called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.  Roll was called and a quorum was determined.

Rule 61G20-4.001:

Jeff advised the TAC met May 6, 2013 and voted unanimously on their recommendation.  Jeff read the TAC recommendation for waiver fees.  The Accessibility TAC recommends that the Florida building Commission implement an Accessibility Code Waiver application fee of $250.00 per application, with a delayed implementation date of July 1, 2014, to allow time for implementation of the needed BCIS revisions. 

Jeff asked if there was any public comment.  There being none, he then addressed the Commission for any questions, concerns or comments.


FBC Teleconference

May 14, 2013

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Rule 61G20-4.001 (cont.):

Commissioner Flanagan asked if the $250.00 is a flat fee regardless of the dollar amount.

Jeff advised yes it is a flat fee of $250.00 per application.


Jeff asked for a motion to approve the TAC recommendation.


Commissioner Boyer entered a motion to adopt the Accessibility Code Waiver application fee of $250.00/application, with a delayed implementation date of July 1, 2014, to allow time for implementation of needed BCIS revisions; and to proceed with rule adoption of the following:

1.      61G20.4.001 Procedures for a waiver or modification of the requirements of the Act or Code shall be accompanied by a fee of $250 and filed on the Form FBC 2012-01. Request for Waiver, effective October, 2012 adopted and incorporated herein. 

2.      There is a SERC required; and

3.      the Rule language does not exceed the threshold of Section 121.541(2)(a), F. S. and therefore does not require legislative ratification. 

Commissioner Flanagan seconded the motion.

Chairman Browdy asked for vote from the Commission on the motion, the motion carried unanimously including the chair.

Public Comments:


Commission Comments:



Chair Browdy entertained a motion to adjourn, a motion was entered and a second given, motion passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned 10:15 am.