Florida Building Commission



 June 1, 2012

2:00 P.m. -2:51 P.M.


Teleconference Meeting from Tallahassee, Florida

Call-In Number: 1-888-808-6959; Code: 205 936 0213


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Meeting Agenda


Review of objectives will include the following:  Description of issue, discussion by TAC , public comment, TAC action



Accessibility  TAC  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bemmie Eustace, Jeffery Gross, Jack Humberg, Sharon Mignardi, Barbara Page, and Angel (Kiko) Franco

Approved Meeting Agenda and minutes


Reviewed  and provided comments to the workshop regarding proposed changes as per Rule 61G20.1.001

The TAC reviewed the proposed rule and provided the following clarifications as noted in green.


1)Proceedure - 61G20-4.001 Procedures.


Item (1) - change “Florida Building Commission” to “Building Codes and Standards Office” as noted below.


(1) All applications for a waiver or modification of the requirements of the Act or the Code shall be filed on the Request for Waiver, Forms No. 2002-01 No. 2012-01and 2001-02 2012-02, which the Commission hereby incorporates by reference, effective October 18, 2007 _________. Copies of Forms No. 2002-01 No. 2012-01 and 2001-02 2012-02 are available by writing to the Codes and Standards Section, Department of Community Affairs, 2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100.Building Codes and Standards Office Florida Building Commission, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0772.


Item (7) – revise to provide for other means for making the final order available to the owner as noted below:


(7) The Commission shall reflect its action in a Final Order. The original of each Final Order shall be filed with the Clerk of the Department, who shall also act as Clerk of the Commission. Copies of each Final Order shall be sent by United States mail or electronic notification to the owner,

Waiver Forms


Item 4 – revise to add “and attachments” as noted below.

4. Please submit one hard copy of this application, and attachments to the ….


Item 2 – change “Owner’s Name” to “Owner’s/Tenant’s Name” as follows:

2. Owner’s / Tenant’s Name:________________________

2012 Florida Building Code, Accessibility


Revise Section 101.2 to add the following clarification text for consistency with the 2010 ADA Standard for Accessible Design.

This document does not address existing facilities unless altered at the discretion of a covered entity. The Department of Justice has authority over existing facilities that are subject to the requirement for removal of barriers under title III of the ADA. Any determination that this document applies to existing facilities subject to the barrier removal requirement is solely within the discretion of the Department of Justice and is effective only to the extent required by regulations issued by the Department of Justice.


Evaluated the accessibility waiver fees authority and the viability of implementing said authority and recommended the following change to Section 553.512, Florida Statutes:

Section 553.512 F.S

“The Florida Building Commission shall provide……The commission shall may establish by rule a fee to be paid upon submitting a request for a waiver as provided in this section……..”



Adjourned at 2:51 P.M.


Staff Contacts: Chip Sellers, chip.sellers@dbpr.state.fl.us, (850) 410-1568; Mo Madani, Manager