Florida Building Commission

Fire Technical Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 08, 2014


Meeting Location:  Teleconference Meeting from Tallahassee, Florida


TAC/POC Members and Objectives

TAC Members Present Via Teleconference: Hamid Bahadori, Chair; Joe Belcher; Charlie Frank;  Jeffery Gross;; Joe Holland, Brad Schiffer; James R. Schock; and Peter T. Schwab.

TAC Members not Present: Tony Apfelbeck; Robert Hamberger;

Staff Present: Mo Madani, Jim Richmond, Ila Jones, Jim Hammers, April Hammonds, Marlita Peters, Robert Benbow, Norman Bellamy

Facilitator: Marlita Peters

Guests: Kurtis Gurley, Presenter

Objectives: To Approve the Agenda and Minutes of the August 1st, 2013 meeting. To review and accept report on project “Evaluate draft-stopping performance within Type V combustible attic space.”


Meeting Minutes


Discussion of objectives included the following: 



10:30 AM Welcome and Opening, Roll Call.  A quorum was present.

Marlita Peters, facilitator for the Florida Building Commission, provided a welcome and a brief overview of the agenda items to be presented.


Agenda and meeting Minutes for the August 1, 2013 Fire TAC meeting were approved unanimously by the committee members.


The TAC received for review an interim report from Professor Kurtis Gurley of University of Florida with regard to the research project they are conducting entitled “Evaluation draft-stopping performance within type V combustible attic space.” Mr. Gurley provided a presentation on the status of the research to date and indicated that TAC member Tony Apfelbeck has been an advisory point of contact for the project and that Mr. Steve Welsh of Koffel Associates has been selected as a subcontractor for the project to perform a literature review of existing data and field assessment of existing attic draft-stopping installation of Type V building in Florida. After the discussion of the work done to date on the project, the TAC voted to accept the report with Joe Holland opposing the report and expressed reservations.


Public Comments: Jim Washington cited 2000 instance of a building suffering fire damage.  Mr. Gurley requested further contact with Mr. Washington to make sure the research received his information.


Other TAC Business – Meeting opened for public comment, no public comment received. Having no other TAC business, the meeting was closed after a Motion and Second to Adjourn.




Staff Contacts: Norman Bellamy, Government Operations Consultant (850) 717-1834 Norman.Bellamy@myfloridalicense.com or Mo Madani, Manager mo.madani@dbpr.state.fl.us (850) 717-1825