Thursday, March 28, 2013

10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Meeting Objectives


Ø To Consider/Discuss Product Approval Program Issues

Ø  To Consider/Decide on Approval of Products and Product Approval Entities

Ø   To Consider/Discuss Product Approval ITN (Invitation to Negotiate)


Product approval POC Members Present


Jeffrey Stone-Chair, Herminio F. Gonzalez, Tim Tolbert, Brian Swope, Nanette Dean.


DBPR Staff Present


Facilitator: Jeff Blair, Mo Madani, April Hammonds, Jim Richmond, Sandy O’Connor,

Jim Hammers.


Product approval POC Members absent


John J. Scherer


MEETING Minutes—Thursday, March 28, 2013




Call to Order  

Meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by Chairman, Jeffrey Stone.

Roll Call of POC Members

All were in attendance but one indicating a quorum was present.

Review and Approval of Agenda

 The agenda was approved.

Statement of Teleconference Participation Process was given by Jeff Blair to all members and attendees. 




Review & Approve November 2012 Minutes

          The minutes from the January 2013 were approved.






Product Approval Program Issues:

1.         Staff presented the Product Approval & Entities Statistics Report into record.

2.    Dr. Stone provided the Product Approval Administrator’s Performance Survey for the record which was good to excellent.

3.    Mo Madani reported into record a PowerPoint Presentation on the Product Approval “Invitation To Negotiate” process, covering timeline, requirements, responsibility of the Contract Administrator that will be awarded the contract, and Evaluation & Negotiation process by DBPR staff and POC member.  

      POC Action:

       Motion was made by Nanette Dean to recommend approval for the ITN process, Seconded by Herminio Gonzales, Roll call vote taken to approve ITN process, Motion Passed Unanimously.

Recommendation of POC member to be on ITN Evaluation & Negotiation team: Jeff Stone volunteered to be on the ITN Evaluation & Negotiation teams.

4.   Report on communication with validators on validation errors/mistakes:  Ted Berman reported to the POC regarding validation errors specific to the certification and evaluation methods from September 2012 to January 2013 indicating notification of errors with comments or findings.

No Action Item for POC

5.   Report on conditional approvals from January meeting cycle: Ted Berman reported to the POC on the status of the January conditional approvals.

No Action Item for POC

6.    Report on QA expiration notifications: Ted Berman & Associates (TBA) provided a report on three types on QA notifications:  The Certification Method notifies TBA indicating applicants with expired QA’s, TBA notifies those applicants by email with the Certification report showing most QA’s resolved. TBA sends email notification to Evaluation & Testing, and QA Agency entities on expired status. The report of these entities show some statuses resolved. Mr. Berman stated it was up to legal if further action is required by POC on those not resolved.

No Action Item for POC




Ted Berman & Associates Reports:

1.       Review of Product Approval & Entity Applications and final recommendations

to the commission.

2.       Report on Product Approval Applications with comments and/or discussion

report on DBPR Applications




Action Needed by the Commission:

1.       Ted Berman and Associates report: products and entities were reviewed and approved.

POC Action: The POC recommends the products and entities listed in the Administrator’s report be approved, deferred, conditionally approved or denied as per voted on by the Committee.

2.      “Invitation to Negotiate” (ITN): to provide for administrative service for the State Product Approval system for the Florida Building Commission.

POC Action: the POC recommended that the ITN process be used to solicit such administrative services and that Commissioner Jeff Stone serve on both the evaluation and Negotiation teams.




Public/POC/Staff Comments




Adjourn at 11:30 AM


STAFF CONTACTS: Sandy O’Connor, sandy.o’connor@dbpr.state.fl.us, (850) 717-1837; Mo Madani, Manager

Teleconference Process/Etiquette URLhttp://www.floridabuilding.org/fbc/meetings/1_meetings.htm

 Note: This document is available to any person requiring materials in alternate format upon request. Contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 1940 North Monroe Street, Suite 90, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100 or call 850-487-1824.