Florida Building Commission

Building (Fire) Technical Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2013

Meeting Location: Teleconference Meeting from Tallahassee, Florida


TAC/POC Members and Objectives

TAC Members Present Via Teleconference: Hamid Bahadori, Chairman; Pete Schwab, Brad Schiffer, Tony Apfelbeck, Charles Frank, Jim Schock, Jeffery Gross, Joe Holland

TAC Members not Present: Jon Hamrick, Joe Belcher, Dale Greiner

Staff Present: Mo Madani, April Hammonds

Facilitator: Kenneth Cureton

Objectives: DS-2013-001. Petitioner seeks a Declaratory Statement on compliance of a proposed winding stair design with sections R311.7.1 through R311.7.8 and R311.9.3 of the

Florida Building Code, Residential.


Meeting Minutes


Discussion of objectives included the following:



1:00 PM Welcome and Opening, Roll Call. A quorum was present.

Mr. Ken Cureton, facilitator for the Florida Building Commission, provided a brief overview of how the agenda items will be presented. The Meeting Minutes for the 1/14/13 Fire TAC meeting and the Agenda for the 3/28/13 Fire TAC were approved unanimously by the committee members.


TAC Action and Comments Mr. Ken Rich, Petitioner for DS 2013-001, presented the DEC Statement and provided background on the issues. Mo Madani presented the Staff Analysis and Recommendations. In addition to the two Recommendations included on the Staff Analysis document, Mo proposed a third recommendation based on findings from the 1997 Standard Building Code as follows:

Option 3 - Answer: No. Section R311.7.9.3 of the Florida Building Code, Residential is an incomplete provision which provides for no requirement that would have any bearing on the project in question.

TAC Comments

Tony Apfelbeck asked how R311.7.9.3 will be handled in the next edition of the Florida Residential Code. Mo responded that it will not be carried forward since it is a Florida specific requirement, and no proposal was submitted to reinstate this provision.

Brad Schiffer wanted to clarify that the TACs response to the DEC Statement was not to be construed as an approval for the stair design indicated in Diagram A of the DEC Statement. All Staff and TAC members agreed that it would not be.

Jim Schock was concerned that the permissive language of R311.7.9.3 was unclear as to the intent of the Section.

Hamid Bahadori commented that he was in agreement with Staffs recommendation Option 3.

Motion in favor of Option 3 was requested by Joe Holland and seconded by Brad Schiffer. Vote was unanimous in favor of the language in Staff Recommendation Option 3. Also, the TACs action on DS 2013-001 is not to be construed as an approval for the stair design indicated in Diagram A of the DEC Statement.



Public Comment None.


Other TAC Business Having no other TAC business, the meeting was handed over to the TAC chair for a Motion to Adjourn.


Motion to adjourn by Pete Schwab, Seconded by Hamid Bahadori.

Adjourn: 1:30 PM


Staff Contacts: Kenneth H. Cureton, Planning Analyst ken.cureton@dbpr.state.fl.us (850) 717-1828 or Mo Madani, Manager mo.madani@dbpr.state.fl.us (850) 717-1825