Code Administration Technical Advisory Committee 


Monday, April 6, 2008

3:00 PM

Gainesville , Florida
Hilton Hotel
1714 SW 34th St

Meeting Objectives:

  • To Approve Agenda and minutes
  • To Consider/Decide on Declaratory Statements
  • To Consider other business from the public and Committee

Code Administration TAC Members present were: Herminio Gonzalez, Chairman

Dick Browdy, Matt Carlton, John O'Connor, Tim Tolbert, Bob Boyer, and Rusty Carroll for Bill Dumbaugh, Randy Vann.

1. Called to Order-review/approved agenda and minutes as presented

2. Review and provide recommendations to the Commission on the request for declaratory statements:

DCA09-DEC-053 by James R. Schock City of Jacksonville

Question #1: Does this section of the Code apply to commercial applications, residential applications or both?


Answer: As per 553.844(3), Florida Statutes, the application of Section 105.15 of the FBC, Building is limited to site-built, detached single-family residential structures.


Question #2: Assuming this home was constructed under the 2001 FBC and designed for a higher internal pressure is it still required to provide wind borne protection?


Answer: No. As per Section 553.844(1), it is the intent of the law to address construction undertaken prior to the implementation of the Florida Building Code. Previous editions of the FBC (2001 and 2004 without the 2007 Supplement) did allow the partially enclosed option as a mean of protection.

DCA09-DEC-062 by Dan Arlington, St. Johns County

The committee voted to consolidate both DCA09-DEC-053 and DCA09-DEC-062, with the answer to the questions from DCA09-DEC-053.

3.      Public Comment : Matt Carlton requested that the website be improved for ease of interaction. Tim Tolbert also commented that once a user goes too far in the site, there is no way to go back

4.  Adjourned at 4:02pm

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