TAC Review Process for Public Comments on TACís Recommendations Regarding Proposed Amendments to the Florida Building Code

July 2016 TAC Meetings

2017 Code Update Processó6th Edition Florida Building Code

(February 10, 2016)


Process for TAC Review of Public Comments on TACís Recommendations Regarding Proposed Code Modifications

*  Facilitator (or TAC chair if there is not a facilitator present) will serve as moderator and assist with adopted process and groundrules.


*  One person speaks at a time.


*  Limit your comment and be concise.


*  Facilitator will limit comments to a maximum of three-minutes (3) per person.


*  Do not read lengthy prepared statements; Summarize and submit complete text of comment for the record.


*  Offer new points and/or state agreement with previous speakers; Please do not repeat what has been stated.


*  Facilitator may terminate a comment if it is repeating previous comments, and not simply stating agreement or offering new points.


*  The TAC wants to hear all view-points to ensure all perspectives are considered, and not repeats of the same views.


*  Facilitator (or TAC chair) will introduce each comment on TAC recommendations.


*  Proponents of proposed comment will speak first.


*  Opponents of proposed comment will follow proponents.


*  Proponents/opponents will be allowed one (1) brief counterpoint opportunity to address any new point(s) raised by previous speakers(s), but only if they address new points specific to the comment(s) raised by the speaker(s) and if they provide new points. No repeating of previous comments/points.


*  Withdrawal of Comment: A comment on a TAC recommendation regarding a proposed code modification may be withdrawn by the proponent at any time prior to the TAC consideration of that comment.

TAC Review of Public Comments on TACís Recommendations Process

*  After public input on a public comment on a TAC recommendation, the TAC will discuss the comment to determine a ďsense of the TACĒ through a non-binding show-of-hands straw poll of whether they support or do not support the comment.


*  In conducting the straw polls the TAC should consider whether the public comment sufficiently addresses the TACís concern(s) regarding the proposed code modification, or does not address the TACís concern(s). 75% threshold used for straw poll.


*  A proposed comment shall not be considered by the TAC if it:

o   Is not legible;

o   Changes the scope of the original proposed modification and/or TACís recommendation regarding the modification; or,

o   Is not readily understood so that a proper assessment of its impact on the original proposed modification and/or TACís recommendation regarding the modification can be determined.


*  TACs should not attempt to revise or amend the comments in any way.


*  TACís comments will be submitted to the Commission as TACís comments on public comments submitted regarding TACís recommendations on proposed modifications to the Florida Building Code.


*  The Commission will receive the TACís recommendations regarding proposed Code modifications (TAC recommendations developed during the April 2016 TAC meetings) and TAC comments on public comments submitted on TAC recommendations developed during the July 2016 TAC meetings.


*  The Commission will consider the TACs recommendations and comments on public comments during a rule development workshop conducted during the August 18-19, 2016 Commission meeting, and conduct a rule adoption hearing on the final version of the Code on June 8, 2017. The TACs will review proposed Glitch amendments after the Codeís effective date of December 31, 2017, if needed.