Thursday, January 24, 2013

2:00 PM-3:50 PM


Meeting Objectives


Ø To Consider/Discuss Product Approval Program Issues

Ø To Consider/Discuss Complaint regarding FL# 11352-R2

Ø To Consider/Decide on Approval of Products and Product Approval Entities


Product approval POC Members Present


Jeffrey Stone-Chair, Herminio F. Gonzalez, Tim Tolbert, Brian Swope, Nanette Dean.


Product approval POC Members absent


John J. Scherer


MEETING Minutes—Thursday, January 24, 2013




Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 2:00 P.M. by Chairman, Jeffrey Stone.




Review & Approve Agenda & November 2012 Minutes

The agenda and the minutes from the November 2012 were approved.

Note:  The POC voted to move the time of the future scheduled POC meetings from 2:00 P.M. to 10:00 A.M as requested by Mr. Herminio Gonzalez.   




Product Approval Program Issues:

1.         Staff presented the Product Approval & Entities Statistics Report into record.

2.    Staff provided the Product Approval Administrator’s Performance Survey for the record which was good to excellent.

3.   Ted Berman the administrator of the Program provided a report on the Validator Training.  Mr. Berman reported that a total of 60 participants attended the training and that the plan is to hold a second training in the near future.

4.   Discuss complaint regarding FL#11352-R2.

      Complaint:  Referral by the Office of the Attorney General regarding materials received from Ms. Dawn Stover.  The materials Ms. Stover provided relate to velocity test performed on an aluminum accordion shutter by the Fenestration Testing laboratory, Inc.  The test results included in the materials indicated that the HVIII aluminum accordion shutter did not pass the test.

      In order to address this complaint, the POC provided all parties involved with the opportunity to express their concerns. Ms. Stover stated her complaint to the POC, and Mr. Fred Dudley, lawyer representing Eastern Metal Supply, Inc. provided information on the legal status of complaint.  Further, the POC heard from the Program Administrator, Mr. Berman regarding his review of the said materials.  Mr. Berman indicated that the test report in question has no relation to any State approved products.  At the conclusion of the discussion, the POC provided for the following action:

      POC Action:

       Motion was made by Nanette Dean for No Further Action, Seconded by Brian Swope, Roll call vote taken by the POC: Motion Passed Unanimously.

5.  Staff updated the POC regarding the “Invitation To Negotiate”.  Staff stated that the current contract will expire 6/2013 and that an extension of the contract to Ted Berman & Associates for six (6) months is necessary to allow staff additional time to proceed with options for the development of request for proposal.    

       POC Action:

       Motion to accept staff request for the contract six (6) months extension by Herminio Gonzalez, seconded by Nanette Dean. Motion Passed Unanimously.




Ted Berman & Associates Reports:

1.    Review of Product Approval & Entity Applications and final recommendations to the commission.




Adjourn at 3:50 PM



STAFF CONTACTS: Sandy O’Connor, sandy.o’connor@dbpr.state.fl.us, (850) 922-0359; Mo Madani, Manager

Teleconference Process/Etiquette URL: http://www.floridabuilding.org/fbc/meetings/1_meetings.htm

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