JANUARY 7, 2013




Dick Browdy, Chair                                                   Jeffery Gross

Bob Boyer                                                                   John Scherer

Oscar L. Calleja                                                          Bradley W. Schiffer

Nanette (Nan) Dean                                                    James Schock

Kevin M. Flanagan                                                     Jeff Stone

Charles L. Frank                                                         Brian Swope

Ken Gregory                                                               John “Tim” Tolbert

Dale Greiner



Hamid Bahadori                                                         Herminio Gonzalez

Jon Hamrick                                                                Rafael Palacios

Drew Smith Green





Ila Jones                                                                      Jim Richmond

Mo Madani                                                                 Marlita Peters

Marlita Peters                                                              Sandy O’Connor

Ken Cureton                                                               Jim Hammers

Chris Burgwald          




The meeting was facilitated by Jeff Blair from the FCRC Consensus Center at Florida State University. Information at: http://consensus.fsu.edu/



FBC Teleconference

January 7, 2013

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Jim Richmond opened the meeting at 1:30 pm., EST, Monday, January 7, 2013, explaining the purpose of the call.  Background was given relating to upcoming TAC Meetings.  He further explained that the new members would be briefed on travel, travel reimbursement and ethics on today’s call.

All staff present on the call introduced themselves and provided a brief description of their responsibilities.

Members of the staff who were not on the call were identified as were their areas of responsibility.

Jim also advised that the web site hosts a list of staff and their positions.



Code Modification materials on Florida Building Code Website:

Mo Madani provided overview of FBC website.  Gave demonstration of how to move and locate information related to code modifications.  He discussed the January TAC meeting schedule, code proposals, and advised the comment period ended 12/14/12.  He also stated that TAC provides information to the Commission on each change in a form of a summary.

Discussion of TAC conference information scheduled January 16-17, 2013

Mr. Madani advised members to feel free to contact staff with any questions or concerns they may have.

Mr. Richmond mentioned that when TAC’s require a minimum of 75% consensus of Committee members present to move forward with a positive recommendation; if not met the modification is forwarded to the Commission with no affirmative recommendation.  The Commission does not take make negative recommendations.


Jim Schock questioned if TAC Committee was favorable 1st time would comments still be taken.

Mr. Richmond responded, yes, the public is given time to respond with comment, and TAC should take comments into consideration.

Mr. Richmond also stated that some issues are taken up by more than one TAC Committee, all comments are reviewed and taken into consideration.  There could be different outcomes from different Committees then the vote could require further review.

FBC Teleconference

January 7, 2013

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Also, consideration of the new Building Code proposals have been received, the deadline was 8/12/12 and the Technical Committees have had their first meetings.



Jeff Blair advised that teleconference participation requires procedures to ensure adequate discussion and deliberation in an orderly and fair manner, and the Commission has adopted Teleconference Participation Procedures to accomplish this. The process is for the Chair or facilitator to introduce the agenda item, provide the proponent an opportunity to present an overview of the agenda item, and provide an opportunity for public comment by staking (listing names in order) names of those wishing to speak on the issue. Following public comment the discussion will be limited to Commission or committee members and once all discussion is concluded a motion or recommendation will be called for. Votes are taken by roll call, and all participants should state their names and affiliation each time they speak. Participants should be aware that speaker phones amplify background noise that can be disruptive to the meeting, and should keep their phones on mute, but not on hold. Participants should wait to speak until invited to comment by the chair or facilitator.



Dick Browdy, Chairman requested Jeff to discuss and explain consent agendas.  Jeff advised that the TACs’ recommendations regarding proposed code modifications will be compiled on consent agendas by topical code area. This will allow the Commission to vote on TAC recommendations as packages. Any Commissioner may pull any modification off of a consent agenda for individual consideration based on public comment. This will facilitate the Commission’s decision on proposed code modifications for the 2013 Code Update Process.

Mo Madani advised it takes two years to put together the new code, one more year will be needed to complete.


Travel Reimbursement procedures and limitations:

Jim Richmond provided information on travel requirements.  He advised that Pat Harvey takes care of the travel process.  He stated that the new members need to be sure to send their W-9.  Jim continued by letting the members know that funds are limited by Statute.  Keys to assuring reimbursement for hotel, cars fuel, be sure to keep all receipts and be sure they are signed and dated.  All travel needs to be sent to Pat with date, and time departed and date and time returned.  Jim advised DBPR has done a great job with reimbursements they are going out in about 2 weeks after submission.  If not completed properly or questionable information is listed, this will delay payment.

FBC Teleconference

January 7, 2013

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Travel Reimbursement procedures and limitations (cont):

For Hotel expenses, there is no payment for anything added above the actual hotel stay, those expenses could be Wi-Fi, room service, etc., and those charges would have to be paid by you. Mileage for personal vehicle is 44 ˝ cent per mile, using Florida DOT calculator for map miles. Vicinity Mileage if needed but there is no reimbursement for fuel.

Members can fly but are encouraged to use lower cost options for savings to the public cost.

Rental cars should be booked through Avis, all rentals are compact rate, if you take an upgrade you would be required to pay the difference if you are unable to justify.  Be sure to keep all fuel receipts, be sure there is a cost per gallon on the receipt, also save any toll receipts.

Meals are paid based on the time of departure and return.  Base pay for meals is
$6 for breakfast, $11 for lunch and $19 for dinner.

If you are mixing personal business with you State business you will need to be sure to split out the costs.

Dick Browdy explained the 50 mile rule that if you live within 50 miles of the meeting location, the state will not reimburse mileage and meals.

Ila commented on the budget, she also advised the need to file travel expenses as soon as possible after they have been incurred and they need to be completed within the fiscal year that they occurred.  The fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.

Mr. Browdy added to be sure and sign travel voucher in blue ink.


Discussion and Review of ethics and government requirements and budget basics:


April Hammonds, Esq., Attorney for the Commission provided an overview of the Sunshine Law including the comprehensive public records law and code of ethics.  She advised if two or more members are together in a casual setting they should not discuss issues of the Commission.  However, should they come up, the conversation should be brought to the attention of the Commission for the next meeting.  Ms. Hammonds provided examples. 


Ms. Hammonds also advised that any memorandum much come out at a TAC or Commission Meeting.


FBC Teleconference

January 7, 2013

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Discussion and Review of ethics and government requirements and budget basics (cont.):

Ms. Hammonds quoted statue on code of ethics, she advised specifically on conflict of duties, dual office holdings and the language on monetary gifts or gifts of monetary value.

As Commissioners Ms. Hammonds advised that they must complete financial disclosures by July first of each year.  She will send an e-mail to new members containing the web site to download forms.


Mr. Flanagan inquired about speaking with other members either TAC or Commission Meetings outside of the meeting.  Ms. Hammonds stated that it is prohibited as stated before, if this should occur, it must be reported for the next scheduled meeting.


Mr. Richmond stated that this is a short overview and should the members have any questions, please keep Ms. Hammond’s phone number handy if they are in doubt about actions or if they have general legal questions.


TAC Assignments:

Mr. Browdy, Chairman, advised of three new appointments.

Mr. Flanagan will be appointed to the Education TAC.

Mr. Frank will be appointed to the Special Occupancy TAC.

Mr. Schiffer will be appointed to the Accessibility TAC.


Mr. Browdy advised Senate confirmation has to be completed to confirm the new member appointments.


Public Comment:


No public comments were given.


Member Comment:

No further comments were heard from the members


Mr. Browdy announced meeting stands adjourned at 2:25 pm