Energy Technical Advisory Committee

Gainesville, Florida

January 17, 2013



The workshop was convened by Chair Dale Greiner at 10:40 a.m.A quorum was achieved with ten voting members present:Ron Bailey, Brent Caldwell, Bob Cochell, Philip Fairey, Jan Geyselaers, Dale Greiner, Rafael Palacios, Roger Sanders, Drew Smith and David Wojcieszak.Staff support was provided by Mo Madani, Ann Stanton, Marlita Peters and Joe Bigelow. The meeting was facilitated by Jeff Blair.

Jeff Blair went over the Commissionís rules for reviewing comments on actions taken on mods with the group and stressed that the TACís response should be directed to whether the comment(s) addressed the TACís original concerns.Mo Madani reviewed the materials available for tracking the comments on mods.


Meeting Objectives:


1.                  Review/approve agenda and minutes of previous meeting.

2.                  Discuss and provide comments on comments received regarding the TACís actions on the proposed code modifications for the 2013 update to the Florida Building Code.


Actions Taken:

  1. The agenda and minutes from the October 8, 2012 meeting were reviewed and approved.
  2. The TAC reviewed comments received during the second 45 day comment period on 22 mods and, by straw poll, either supported or did not support said comments. See attached tracking chart for results.
  3. Chair Greiner adjourned the meeting at 10:48 a.m.